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SRM Honor Awards



The Society for Range Management honor awards program recognizes members and non-members who have made outstanding contributions to the science and art of range management. Now is the time to begin preparing nominations for individuals who deserve recognition. Visit the Awards Committee page for awards information and nomination instructions and materials.


The premier Society award requires SRM membership and sustained accomplishments or contributions to range management during the last ten years. Includes honorarium.


2023 – Dr. Clenton Owensby
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2022 – Val Anderson

2021 – Dr. Patrick L. Shaver
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2020 – Dr. David D. Briske
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2019 – Dr. Joel R. Brown
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2018 – Dr. Douglas A. Johnson
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2017 – Dr. C. Wayne Hanselka
2016 – Dr. Kendall L. Johnson
2015 – Dr. Barbara H. Allen-Diaz
2014 – Dr. John C. Malechek
2013 – Dr. Rodney K. Heitschmidt
2012 – Dr. Jerry L. Holechek
2011 – Dr. James Stubbendieck
2010 – Dr. James T. O’Rourke
2009 – Dr. Jerry W. Stuth
2008 – Dr. E. Lamar Smith
2007 – E. Tom Bartlett
2006 – Gary W. Frasier
2005 – Dr. William C. Krueger
2004 – William D. Hurst
2003 – Stan Tixier
2002 – John C. Buckhouse
2001 – James A. Young
2000 – Minoru Hironaka
1999 – Joseph L. Schuster
1998 – S. Clark Martin
1997 – Thomas N. Shiflet
1996 – C. Rex Cleary
1995 – Thomas Bedell
1994 – John R. Hunter
1993 – William A. Laycock
1992 – Lee A. Sharp
1991 – Gerald W. Thomas
1990 – Thadis W. Box
1989 – Elbert H. Reid, Arthur D. Smith, Clinton H. Wasser
1988 – Edward A. McKinnon
1987 – John W. Bohning
1986 – Henry A. Wright
1985 – Alan A. Beetle
1984 – John L. Merrill, Jr.
1983 – George M. Van Dyne (Posthumous)
1982 – John D. Freeman
1981 – William C. Whetsell
1980 – Harold F. Heady
1979 – E. William Anderson
1978 – C. Wayne Cook
1977 – Joseph H. Robertson
1976 – Perry A. Plummer
1975 – Martin H. Gonzales
1974 – Francis Colbert
1973 – August L. Hormay
1972 – Peter V. Jackson, III


Requires SRM membership and effective maintenance or improvement of range resources with lasting efforts. Includes honorarium.


2023 – Jenny Pluhar
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2022 – Ken Tate

2021 – Frank Price

2020 – Dr. D. Layne Coppock
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2019 – No Award Given
2018 – John L. McLain
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2017 – Dr. Barry Irving
2016 – Dr. Larry D. Butler
2015 – Dr. Charles A. “Butch” Taylor, Jr.
2014 – Dr. Melvin R. George
2013 – Barry W. Adams
2012 – No Award Given
2011 – Dr. L. Roy Roath
2010 – Ben Berlinger
2009 – Leonard N. “Bud” Purdy
2008 – Dr. Wayne Hanselka
2007 – F. Stephen Hartmann
2006 – Desert Land & Livestock: Gregg Simonds, Rick Danvir, and Bill Hopkin
2005 – Dennis Becenti
2004 – Norman R. McClure
2003 – S. Wesley Hyatt
2002 – Wallace C. Butler
2001 – Jack Maddux
2000 – Ray Banister
1999 – Walter Fick, Sr.
1998 – Josiah T. Austin
1997 – Clarence Mortenson
1996 – Willard P. Phillips
1995 – Charles M. Jarecki
1994 – Philip Robbins
1993 – Doc and Connie Hatfield
1992 – Robert L. Ross
1991 – William E. Armstrong
1991 – Donnie E. Harmel
1990 – Lee A. Sharp
1989 – Billy L. Carr
1988 – John A. Pierce
1987 – John L. Merrill, Jr.


Requires SRM membership and exceptional and sustained research accomplishments related to rangelands. Includes honorarium.


2023 – Dr. Sam Fuhlendorf
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2022 – Dr. Justin Derner

2021 – Dr. Tony Svejcar

2020 – Dr. Lynn Huntsinger
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2019 – Dr. Steven R. Archer
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2018 – Dr. Roger L. Sheley
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2017 – Dr. Bruce A. Roundy
2016 – No Recipient
2015 – Dr. Kris M. Havstad
2014 – Dr. Carl L. Wambolt
2013 – Dr. Douglas A. Johnson
2012 – Dr. Walter D. Willms
2011 – Dr. Richard Frank Miller
2010 – No Recipient
2009 – Dr. Steven G. Whisenant
2008 – Dr. David D. Briske
2007 – Dr. Kirk C. McDaniel
2006 – Dr. Gerald E. Schuman
2005 – Dr. Jerry Holechek
2004 – Clenton E. Owensby
2003 – Alma H. Winward
2002 – Ronald E. Sosebee
2001 – Gary W. Frasier
2000 – Stephen C. Bunting
1999 – Frederick D. Provenza
1998 – Warren P. Clary
1997 – Arthur Bailey
1996 – Rex D. Pieper
1995 – Darrell N. Ueckert
1994 – M. J. Trlica
1993 – Martyn M. Caldwell
1992 – Richard H. Hart
1991 – Neil E. West
1990 – James A. Young
1989 – Leo B. Merrill
1988 – Thomas N. Johnsen
1987 – Henry A. Pearson


Designed to recognize SRM members for long-term contributions to SRM and range management. Requires tangible evidence of outstanding lifetime contributions to the art and science of range management and continued SRM involvement at both the Section and Society levels.


2023 – John Walker

2023 – Greg Gardner

2023 – Dr. Stuart Hardegree

2022 – Dr. Jon Bates

2022 – Dr. Tamzen Stringhamy

2022 – Dr. Clenton Owensby

2021 – Dr. Leonard Jolley

2020 – Dr. Michael H. Ralphs

2020 – Dr. Barron S. Rector

2019 – Dr. David A. Pyke
2018 – Dr. Samuel D. FuhlendorfDr. James A. PfisterDr. Tony J. Svejcar
2017 – Dr. Fred C. BryantAl Steninger
2016 – Dr. Stephan L. Hatch, Dr. Roger Q. “Jake” Landers, Jr.
2015 – Dr. D. Terrance Booth, Dr. Timothy E. Fulbright
2014 – Dr. David Engle
2013 – Daryl A. Cisney
2012 – John C. Likins, Dr. Larry R. Rittenhouse, Dr. John V. Stechman, Dr. Martin Vavra 2011 Recipients – James A. Linebaugh, Dr. Ronald E. Sosebee
2010 – Dr. David D. Briske, Dr. James E. Bowns, John L. McLain
2009 – Dr. E. Durant McArthur
2008 – Jack R. Miller
2007 – Dr. Charles A. “Butch” Taylor
2006 – George S. Cook, Paul T. Tueller
2005 – Daniel Merkel
2004 – James R. Brunner, Marion E. Everhart, Marshall Haferkamp
2003 – John E. Mitchell, Gerald E. Schuman
2002 – Jerry W. Goodman
2001 – James J. Butler
2000 – Deen E. Boe, Hugh C. Thompson
1999 – Robert E. Bement, Everett R. Doman, Jim Bob Grumbles
1998 – Lester A. McKenzie, Max Robinson
1997 – Stan Tixier
1996 – None Given
1995 – William D. Hurst, W.J. Waldrip
1994 – H. Russell Boe, Charles S. Fisher
1993 – Ardell J. Bjugstad (Posthumous), Charles M. Schumacher
1992 – Alfred H. Walker


Requires SRM membership, continuous for at least ten years, in recognition of service and contributions to the Society.


2023 – Dr. Sandy Smart

2023 – Ben Berlinger

2022 – Dr. Kevin Sedivec

2022 – Dr. Kirk Davies

2020 – Nadine L. Bishop

2019 – Dr. Walter H. FickMary B. Reece
2018 – Dr. Loreen AllphinDonald E. Henderson
2017 – Dr. J. Alfonso “Poncho” Ortega-S.Dr. Jerry D. Volesky
2016 – Dr. Laurie B. Abbott, Dr. G. Allen Rasmussen
2015 – Dr. Jeff E. Herrick, Dr. M. Keith Owens
2014 – Dr. Charles “Chuck” Butterfield & Dr. Mitch McClaran
2013 – No Award Given
2012 – Dr. Jeffrey Clyde Mosley
2011 – Dr. Joel R. Brown, Bruce S. Healy, Dr. Larry D. Howery
2010 – Dr. David C. Ganskopp, Paul V. Loeffler, Dr. Michael A. Smith, Dr. John A. Tanaka
2009 – Dr. Kris M. Havstad
2008 – No Award Given
2007 – Carolyn Hull Sieg, Walter H. Schacht
2006 – No Award Given
2005 – No Award Given
2004 – Fred C. Bryant, Rodney K. Heitschmidt, Barron S. Rector
2003 – William C. Krueger, Patrick E. Reece
2002 – George S. Cook, Herman Mayeux, M. J. “Joe” Trlica
2001 – Val Jo Anderson, Merwyn M. Kothmann, Paul Nyren, Phil R. Ogden, E. Lamar Smith
2000 – James Bartolome, Marshall Haferkamp, Charles E. Jordan, Phillip L. Sims
1999 – Richard H. Hart, Douglas A. Johnson, Robert Knight, Charles E. McGlothlin, Gerald E. Schuman
1998 – Wilbert H. Blackburn, George B. Ruyle, James T. O’Rourke, Patricia S. Johnson
1997 – Reldon F. Beck, Joel A. Frandsen, John L. McLain, Sid E. Salzman
1996 – Arthur J. Armbrust, Kenneth O. Fulgham, Mark Moseley, Thomas N. Shiflet, Carl L. Wambolt
1995 – Rodney D. Baumberger, Jim W. Doughty, Allan McGinty, Ed Nelson, Jennifer J. Pluhar
1994 – C. Rex Cleary, Harold Goetz, James R. Johnson, Steven S. Waller, Larry D. White
1993 – C. Wayne Hanselka, John R. Lacey, Charles Saulisberry, J.E. Jack Taylor
1992 – James A. Linebaugh, John E. Mitchell, Donald W. Nelson, Jr., Marilyn J. Samuel, J. Kent Taylor
1991 – Randall R. Hall, Michael C. Stroud, James Stubbendieck, Faisal K. Taha, William Whetsell, J. Ross Wight
1990 – Gary B. Donart, Russel James Lorenz, Gene F. Payne, Tommy G. Welch
1989 – Thane J. Johnson, Ronald E. Sosebee
1988 – F. E. Busby, Don D. Dwyer, Herbert G. Fisser, Gary W. Frasier, Kendall L. Johnson
1987 – Thadis W. Box, S. Wesley Hyatt, Kenneth D. Sanders
1986 – Neil C. Frischknecht, Joseph B. Norris, Jr., Rex D. Pieper
1985 – Pat O. Currie, Bill E. Dahl, Reginald M. DeNio, Clare W. Hendee, Robert W. Lodge
1984 – John R. Hunter, S. Clark Martin, Joseph L. Schuster, W. J. Waldrip, Robert M. Williamson
1983 – William A. Laycock, Bob J. Ragsdale
1982 – Grant A. Harris, Ervin M. Schmutz
1981 – Jay R. Bentley, F. Robert Gartner, Donald W. Hedrick, Floyd D. Larson
1980 – Thomas E. Bedell, Charles M. Jarecki, David B. Polk, Sylvester Smoliak
1979 – Harold H. Biswell, Donald F. Burzlaff, John T. Cassady, Elizabeth Colbert, Wilbur F. Currier, Barry N. Freeman, V. M. Harris, Garlyn O. Hoffman, Alvin C. Hull Jr., Donald N. Hyder, Donald E. Johnson, Lyman G. Linger, William J. Little, Charles H. McKinnon, John L. Merrill Jr., Charles E. Poulton, Laurence E. Riordan, John L. Schwendiman, Arthur D. Smith
1978 – John L. Artz, Alan A. Beetle, Thomas K. Eaman, Richard E. Eckert, Carlton S. Fonte, Dillard H. Gates, William D. Hurst, Donald L. Huss, Floyd E. Kinsinger, Charles L. Leinweber, E. H. McIlvain, Alastair McLean, Daniel L. Merkel, Karl G. Parker, A. Perry Plummer, Jeff Powell, J. Boyd Price, Gerald W. Thomas, Edwin W Tisdale, Clinton H. Wasser, Robert E. Williams, Lincoln Ellison (Post), Fred Kennedy (Post), K. W. Parker (Post), Gerald W Sharp (Post)
1977 – E. William Anderson, Hershel M. Bell, Lester J. Berry, Lorenz F. Bredemeier, Robert S. Campbell, W. Ridgely Chapline, John G. Clouston, C. Wayne Cook, Don A. Cox, Edsko J. Dyksterhuis, John D. Freeman, Martin H. Gonzales, Harold F. Heady, Peter V. Jackson III, Alex Johnston, Wayne Kessler, W. G. McGinnies Sr., Edward A. McKinnon, Melvin S. Morris, Joseph F. Pechanec, Elbert H. Reid, Frederic G. Renner, Robert L. Ross, Gerald W. Tomanek, Gilberto Valdez, Warren C. Whitman, Berten W. Allred (Post), Francis T. Colbert (Post), Milo H. Deming (Post), Walt L. Dutton (Post), A. L. Hafenrichter (Post), Donald E. Hervey (Post), A. D. Sampson (Post), David A. Savage (Post), L. A. Stoddart (Post), Murrell W. Talbot (Post), Joe A. Wagner (Post), Wilton T. White (Post), E. J. Woolfolk (Post), Vernon A. Young (Post)

Requires SRM membership, continuous for at least ten years, in recognition of service and contributions to the Society. RECIPIENTS: 2023 – Iric Burden 2023 – Michael Alexander

SRM membership not required. Awarded for outstanding achievement (eminently noteworthy) in any range management-related area. Organizations (e.g., agencies, commodity groups) are not eligible for this award. Teams, whose accomplishments are individually inseparable, are eligible. The Outstanding Achievement Award has been subdivided into two groups: Research and Academia; and Stewardship (ranchers, agency professionals, consultants). Each group will be ranked separately. If enough nominations are not received in either group, then the balance to be awarded in any given year will be considered from the other group. 


2022 – Dr. Doug Tolleson

2022 – Dr. Humberto L. Perotto-Baldivieso

2022 – Dr. John Hendrickson

2022 – Marji Patz

2022 – Juan Manuel Martinez Reyna

2021 – Dr. Barb Hutchinson

2021 – Charlie Clements

2021 – David Lile


Dr. Mark W. Brunson

Dr. Andres F. Cibils

Collaborative Adaptive Rangeland Management Stakeholder Group (CARMSG)

Maura Laverty

OR Threat-Based Land Management Team (OR TBLMT)

Donald L. Serrano

2019Dr. David S. PilliodThomas Warren
2018Dr. Daniel D. CookDr. Robert C. EhrhartDr. Bradford P. Wilcox 
2017Dr. Wendy Christine GardnerDr. Del W. Despain 
2016Dr. David B. WesterChuck J. Perry
2015Dr. Karen Hickman Dr. Stephanie Larson-PraplanFive Creeks Rangeland Restoration Project Working Group John Harper William J. Keller Dr. Victor R. Squires
2014Dr. Maria Fernandez-Gimenez Dr. Urs KreuterKevin Guinn Sandy Wyman Dennis Thompson
2013Dr. Timothy L. Deboodt Dr. John A. TaylorRobert T. “Bob” France Robert E. “Bob” Mountain Greg Tegart (Bob France accepting) The Pekisko Group (Francis Dover accepting)
2012No RecipientsWilliam F. Schroeder RMFRA Mike J. Malmberg Richard H. “Hugh” Barrett, Jr.
2011Dr. Kelly W. Allred Dr. Kenneth W. Tate / Dr. Rob Atwill Dr. Robin J. TauschJR Bell Chris Nykoluk Gail E. & Mildred Cramer Sharp Timothy J. Steffens James R. Traux William D. Zeedyk
2010Dr. Samuel D. Fuhlendorf Dr. Jeffrey E. Herrick Dr. Ann L. Hild Dr. Karen L. Launchbaugh Dr. Bruce A. Roundy Dr. Jose Alfonso “Poncho” Ortega-Santos Dr. Tamzen K. StringhamJohn D. & Lynne M. Breese Stevie Collins Harvey A. Sprock
2009Dr. Jon Bates Dr. Brandon T. Bestelmeyer Dr. Ed. L. Fredrickson Dr. Edmundo Garcia-Moya Dr. Neil R. Rimbey Dr. Tony J. SvejcarDan M. Caudle Philbert M. Gonzales (John) David Graham Stephen A. Nelle Mary B. Reece
2008Dr. R. James Ansley Dr. Charles H. Butterfield Dr. J. Richard Conner Dr. Robert (Bob) K. Lyons Dr. Jerry D. VoleskyJennifer J. Pluhar Karyn Scalise
2007Dr. Terrance D. Booth Duane McCartney Dr. Kevin K. Sedivec Dr. Roger L. Sheley Dr. L. Allen Torrell Dr. John W. WalkerChristopher Dale Allison Dr. Charles R. Hart Mark E. Moseley John Williams
2006Dr. Amitrajeet A. Batabyal Dr. Justin D. Derner Dr. Linda Hardesty Dr. M. Keith Owens Dr. Tony J. SvejcarP. Robert “Bob” Alexander Castleland Ranch: Ted & Olive Perrin Jeffery L. Printz Rangeland Health Team: Jeffrey E. Herrick, Mike L. Pellant, David A. Pyke, Pat L. Shaver Michel E. Tremblay
2005David C. Ganskopp Wayne Hamilton Douglas E. Johnson Robert A. Masters Jack A. Morgan H. Wayne PolleyJack D. Alexander Larry D. Butler Fermin G. Chavez Tamara DeCock Curtis M. Johnson Robert M. Thompson
Special Note:In 2005, the Outstanding Achievement Awards were split into two groups: Research/Academia and Stewardship.
2004Dean M. Anderson Thomas W. Boutton Joel R. Brown Timothy E. FulbrightC. Wayne Hanselka Don Kirby Paul D. Ohlenbusch Steve Whisenant
2003Alfred H. Bawtree Donald R. Blumenauer John Brock James EverittElaine Grings Thomas A. Jones William E. Pinchak
2002Michael Borman Taylor Brown Steve HatchSteve Leonard Richard F. Miller Walter H. Schacht
2001Barbara Allen-Diaz Terrence G. Bidwell Wayne C. Leininger Allan McGintyCharles A. Taylor Dwight A. Tober Darrell Ueckert Jack & Merry Vandervalk
2000John D. Berdahl Grazing & Pasture Technology Programs Jonathan D. Hanson Mike PellantMichael Ralphs Nancy Shaw Robert B. Shaw
1999Barry Adams Dale Bartos Ben Berlinger Christopher CallRichard Olson James A. Pfister G. Allen Rasmussen Floyd Reed
1998David M. Engle Rodney G. Lym Stephen E. ClubineJerry L. Holechek Linda Rexroat
1997William T. Barker David A. Bryant Albert B. Frank Sherel Goodrich Dave KrostingRoy L. Roath Keith E. Severson Fred E. Smeins Harold Wiedemann Dan Uresk
1996Jack R. Cutshall Gary W. Frasier Margaret H. Friedel Melvin R. George Robert L. GillenDouglas A. Johnson F.T. McCollum, III Maynard Smith Family Jerry W. Stuth Sherman R. Swanson
1995Steven R. Archer John C. Buckhouse Rawson Dennis Child Jerrold L. Dodd Kris M. HavstadMerwyn M. Kothmann Herman S. Mayeux Gerald E. Schuman Steven Sharrow
1994Linda A. Joyce Frederick D. Provenza Barron D. RectorEdward F. Redente Phillip L. Sims Ronald E. Sosebee
1993W. James Clawson James P. Dobrowolski D. Lynn Drawe Robert P. Gibbens Larry R. RittenhouseSam L. Short Michael A. Smith David J. Steffen Larry M. White
1992Herbert G. Fisser Erling T. Jacobson E. Durant McArthurLucio E. Rodriguez Quentin D. Skinner Delmar D. Vail
1991E.T. Bartlett K. Lynn Bennett D. Wayne Elmore Rodney K. HeitschmidtStephen B. Monsen Larry D. White Oregon Watershed Development Coalition
1990Rodney W. Bovey James E. Bowns Edward J. DePuitR. Duane Lloyd M.J. Trlica
1989Charles D. Bonham Richard H. Hart William K. LauenrothJames T. Nichols Clenton E. Owensby Alma H. Winward
1988Sherman R. Ewing Richard M. HansonJohn R. Lacey Faisal K. Taha
1987Wilbert H. Blackburn Henry F. Mayland Donald T. PendletonLeonard B. Purdy John F. Vallentine
1986Harold H. Biswell Minoru Hironaka Charles E. PoultonThomas N. Shiflet Patricia G. Smith James A. Young
1985Pat O. Currie William A. Laycock William J. McGinnies, Jr.Henry A. Pearson Charles J. Scifres
1984Edward P. Cliff Ralph S. Cole Bill E. Dahl Charles E. FisherJames W. Giltmier James K. Lewis Mont E. Lewis, Sr. Alma M. Wilson
1983Robert E. Bement Richard S. DriscollDonald A. Jameson Henry A. Wright
1982John F. Hughes Myron Thomas Wallace
1981Sharp Bros. Seed Company Forrest A. Sneva
1980None Given
1979David E. Hutchinson John Gordon KingJeff Powell William H. Stewart
1978John W. Bohning Richard E. Eckert Robert R. HumphreyE. Lavelle Thompson George M. Van Dyne
1977Alan A. Beetle Claude C. Dillon John D. FreemanFred J. Fritz Daniel L. Merkel
1976Robert W. Harris Maxwell T. Lieurance Alastair McLean Leo B. MerrillJohn L. Schwendiman Lee A. Sharp Sylvester Smoliak
1975Donald L. Huss S. Clark MartinArthur D. Smith Alfred H. Walker
1974Wilbur F. Currier Alvin C. Hull, Jr. Melvin S. MorrisA. Perry Plummer Otto J. Wolff
1973Donald N. Hyder Lyman G. Linger William G. McGinnies, Sr.E. H. McIlvain Charles H. McKinnon
1972Kling L. Anderson Marion E. Clawson C. Wayne Cook Reginald M. DeNioAugust L. Hormay Joseph H. Robertson Robert L. Ross Edwin W. Tisdale
1971Wallace R. Hanson Herbert A. Lundin Elbert H. ReidMurrell W. Talbot Warren C. Whitman
1970David F. Costello Martin H. GonzalesAlex Johnston Gerald W. Thomas
1969Berten W. Allred Evan L. FloryHarold F. Heady
1968E. William Anderson Kenneth W. ParkerFrederic G. Renner
1967Robert S. Campbell W. Ridgely Chapline Edsko J. DyksterhuisJoseph F. Pechanec Laurence A. Stoddart

Requires SRM membership and recognizes superior performance and leadership potential in any range-related area. Nominee must be less than 40 years of age on January 1st of the year the award is conferred.


2023 – Retta Bruegger

2023 – Laura Snell

2023 – Bree and Russell Burton

2022 – Jose De La Luz Martinez Garcia

2022 – Dr. Miranda Meehan

2022 – Andrew Brischke

2021 – Dr. Devan McGranahan

2021 – Dr. Morgan Treadwell


Dr. Laura Goodman

James R. Jackson

Dr. Anthony T. Perlinski


Rob CookDr. Derek ScastaDr. Hailey Wilmer

2018 – Blayr GourleyDr. Lauren PorenskyDr. Mitchell Stephenson
2017 – Dr. Torre J. HovickMae Lynn Smith 
2016 – Lovina M. Englund, Dr. David Toledo, Dr. Dirac Twidwell
2015 – Chad Ellis, Dr. Ryan F. Limb, Dr. Leslie M. Roche
2014 – Angela Reid 2013 – Meribeth L. Lomkin, Brian A. Mealor, Rachel D. Mealor
2012 – Kristin L. Miller, Sherry A. Leis, Dustin D. Johnson
2011 – Dr. David J. Augustine, Dr. R. Dwayne Elmore, Douglas Jeffrey Goodwin
2010 – Dr. Kirk Davies, Dr. Amy C. Ganguli, Dr. Thomas Aaron Monaco
2009 – Dr. Tracey K. Brewer, Dr. Jeremy J. James, Dr. Jane Mangold
2008 – Bill S. L. Houston, Cynthia McArthur, Cody B. Scott
2007 – Duane K. Coombs, Dr. Paul J. Meiman
2006 – Jason C. Hohlt, Lee A. Knox, Melissa R. Teague
2005 – Chad S. Boyd, Wendy Gardner, Lance Vermeire
2004 – Edward Bork, Wade Anderson
2003 – Keith D. Klement 2002 – Daniel G. Bell, Justin Derner
2001 – William E. Fox 2000 – Kenneth Tate
1999 – Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, Charles Hart, Scott Walker
1998 – Kevin K. Sedivec
1997 – Natalie Gale
1996 – Karen Launchbaugh
1995 – Melony C. Sikes
1994 – Elena Shaw
1993 – Kevin D. Norton
1992 – Joe D. Franklin
1991 – Dale Rollins
1990 – David M. Engle
1989 – Steven H. Sharrow
1988 – James H. Richards


(Formerly the Young Professionals Conclave Outstanding Apprentice Award -YPC OA)

Requires membership and is presented by the Society to an individual member who has shown outstanding dedication to the Society within the first five (5) years of their career. This award is meant as an encouragement for young professionals that make the difficult transition from SRM student member, to fully-engaged professional members of the society.


2022 – Kaelie Pena

2021 – Veronica Urbanczyk

2020 – Grace E. Woodmansee

2019 – Rory C. O’Connor
2018 – Mary Jo Foley-Birrenkott YPC OA
2017 – Matthew Clay Coffman YPC OA
2016 – Dr. Kasey Lane DeAtley YPC OA
2015 – Jamin Johanson YPC OA


The objective of the Excellence in Rangeland Management Award is to demonstrate to the public and other rangeland managers, outstanding examples of rangeland management which result in long-term health and sustainability of the range resource while providing efficient production of livestock, wood products, water, wildlife, aesthetic values, recreation, and other non- commodity values.


Kapāpala Ranch

2022 – The Parks Ranch

2020 – John (L) and Brian (R)  Treadwell,
Treadwell Cattle Company (TX)

2019 – Dan & Cindi Conner Ranch (SD)
2018 – Terrell Farms (NE)
2017 – Barry & Eli Little, Diversity Soil Health & Stacking Ent (SD)
2016 – Lone Star Ranch, The Moore Family (CalPac)
2015 – No Award
2014 – Nathan Lindsey, Ucross Ranch/Apache Foundation (WY)
2013 – No Award
2010 – Yates & Nancy Adcock, Middle Creek Ranch (OK)
2009 – Tom & Mimi Sidwell , JX Cattle Company LLC (NM)
2008 – Rocky Foy, Foy Ranch (WY)
2003 – Bob & Cathy Lee (MT)