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Stonecipher Honored by Society for Range Management with Outstanding Achievement Award

SPARKS, NEVADA – Dr. Clinton Stonecipher received the Outstanding Achievement in Research Award at the Society for Range Management’s 77th Annual Meeting in Sparks, Nevada last week. The Award is presented by the Society for Range Management for outstanding achievement to members and other qualified individuals and groups working with rangelands. 

Dr. Clinton Stonecipher has significantly advanced the science of range management, his research findings are being implemented by livestock producers to help improve their rangelands and thus mitigate the harmful effects of toxic plants. His annual grass research has been implemented by several producers in the channel scablands of Washington and has benefited their range conditions and their livestock production. 

His recent findings concerning larkspur have the potential to influence how livestock producers manage larkspur-infested pastures and reduce cattle losses. Lastly, his research has enhanced our understanding of how certain plant toxins change as a function of plant phenology thus improving management options.  

For the tremendous contributions to the science and management of rangeland ecosystems he has made, it is with great honor the Society of Range Management recognized Dr. Clinton Stonecipher with the Outstanding Achievement in Research Award.

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