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Diversity and Inclusion


The Society for Range Management (SRM) is a diverse body of members, employees, and representatives that are dedicated to leading the stewardship of rangelands based on sound ecological principles.

These principles have led us to understand that Humankind originated in rangelands, thus resulting in the present day global diversity of peoples, languages, cultures, and natural resource management and socio-economic systems.

SRM welcomes, encourages, affirms, and values the participation and inclusion of all individuals with an interest in rangelands regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, culture, educational status, disabilities, emerging ideas and perspectives, or socio-economic status. We vigorously strive to eliminate implicit bias and reject discrimination and stereotyping within the society by proactively fostering tolerance, mutual respect, and multicultural awareness and competency by actively promoting inclusion in membership, education & training, competition, leadership, committees, staff, and all other areas of SRM activity.

  • CLICK HERE for the Guidelines for Professional Behavior at SRM Organized Activities
  • CLICK HERE for the Recommendations for Meeting Organizers to Improve Diversity and Inclusion at Annual Meetings

(Documents approved & adopted by the SRM Board of Directors at the 2019 Summer Board Meeting, July 16, 2019)