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A History of the Society for Range Management 1948-1995, Vols. I & II is a historical account of the pioneering efforts of the people, events, and activities of the Society for Range Management The Renner Award is the Society for Range Management’s premier award. The Renner Awards History – The First 35 Years is an account of Frederic G. Renner’s gift and the recipients of this prestigious award. The Society for Range Management Records primarily consist of documentation of the institutional operations of the Society. These records offer a remarkably complete picture of a membership body concerned with conservation that has coped with governmental, academic, and cultural changes over a span of more than fifty years. The Education History of Range Management in North America was compiled from universities in North America that grant M.S. and/or Ph.D. degrees in range management. The universities provided a chronological educational record of their teaching, research and extension personnel. Range Research in the US and Canada: A Listing of Masters & Doctoral Thesis Titles is a list of thesis titles from 28 universities compiled in a straightforward bibliographic format.