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University Website Display Contest

1st Annual University Website Display Contest Winners:

February 13, 2019 – Minneapolis, MN

1st Place – California Polytechnic State University
Katie White, President

2nd Place – Southern Utah University
Randall Violett, Advisor / Cory Farnsworth, President

3rd Place – Oklahoma State University
Cameron Lutz, President




Contest Description:

(CLICK HERE for a printable pdf of this page)

The University Website Display Contest will be hosted each year in advance of the Annual Meeting.  Each University or College Chapter/Club elects to create a website and develop an online presence that promotes 1) their club, 2) rangeland science, 3) their university and 4) the theme of the Annual Meeting for that year, once announced.

Chapters/Clubs will be judged on the current Annual Meeting’s theme, and on four major criteria listed at the bottom of this description.*

The Chapter Display Contest was started pre-1980’s and has changed significantly over the years.  The Website Display Contest will now serve as an excellent way to showcase what each School’s Chapter/Club is doing to support rangelands throughout the year, and also to provide a recruiting tool for each program.

Funds for the 1st ($300), 2nd ($200), and 3rd ($100) place awards is or was in past years established as a line item within the Parent Society Budget.  Monetary awards will be made, pending availability of funds.

The Sub-committee for the Display Contest consists of one – possibly two – persons (Chair/Co-Chairs).

Chapters/Clubs desiring to compete in this contest must email their website link to the subcommittee Chair/Co-Chair between December 10th and December 20th.  Any Chapters/Clubs that email their link after that deadline will not be permitted to compete in the contest.

The subcommittee Chair/Co-Chairs will designate 3 to 5 judges to review the websites following the judging criteria below*, filling in comments and suggestions for each website which will then be compiled and provided to each of the Chapters.

Judges are asked to email their comments to the Chair/Co-Chairs by NO LATER THAN the third week in January. The Chair/Co-Chairs will then calculate the totals, weighting the scores, to determine the winners.

The Chair/Co-Chair will present the awards (awards plaques) during the Awards Ceremony that takes place at the Annual Meeting, notifying SRM Headquarters prior to Tuesday of the Annual Meeting so that checks can be cut; pending availability of funds.

*Judging Criteria and points awarded for the displays include the following:

  • Information and idea expressed (60 points): Theme; originality of posts;
  • Web Design (20 points): Pleasing composition; dynamic, eye-catching; neat, easily read; good use of pictures; ease of navigation;
  • Number of postings (10 points): Number of postings throughout the year;
  • Club leadership (10 points): Contact names/emails for Chapter/Club advisors and coaches (faculty and graduate), leadership (Chapter/Club officers), etc;