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Simpson Honored by Society for Range Management with Outstanding Achievement Award

SPARKS, NEVADA – Brenda Simpson received the Outstanding Achievement in Land Stewardship Award at the Society for Range Management’s 77th Annual Meeting in Sparks, Nevada last week. The Award is presented by the Society for Range Management for outstanding achievement to members and other qualified individuals and groups working with rangelands. 

Simpson’s career path demonstrates her adept skill and knowledge of rangelands. Her appreciation for rangelands and range people has led her along a path of opportunities and achievements. She works tirelessly in her efforts to further the conservation of rangelands and regularly goes the extra mile with any undertaking. 

Simpson exhibits leadership skill and is influential among her peers. She has a talent for fostering relationship of trust and ensuring that members of a group feel included, respected, and valued.  She uses her talent as a public speaker to instruct, inspire, and influence for the advancement of rangeland conservation and her communication skills enable her to effectively work with ranchers and academics alike.For the tremendous contributions to the science and management of rangeland ecosystems she has made, it is with great honor the Society of Range Management recognized Brenda Simpson with the Outstanding Achievement in Land Stewardship Award

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