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Calling all creative in mind and hand!

The 2020 General and Program chairs would like your input toward the 2020 SRM Annual Meeting slogan and image. In exchange for use of your creativity, the winning submission will receive a $100 gift card to the SRM Apparel Store.


  • Some sideboards:
    • The slogan and/or image should incorporate a play on 2020, not just state the year.
    • The words ‘Transformation and Translation’ need to be incorporated into the slogan, though not necessarily as the main idea.
  • There is a twofold goal of the 2020 meeting:
    • To transform the way the membership, policy makers and the general public see rangelands;
    • To translate our ‘range’ language into one that effectively communicates the value of rangelands’ goods and services to the membership, the policy makers, and the general public;
  • Submissions must include at least a rough image to be eligible for the prize.

The two slogans below are in the running, but if you have a different idea, or want to modify one of the slogans below, feel free!

  • It’s About the Land (needs the play on 2020 and Transformation & Translation incorporated)
  • A New Look – SRM 2020, Transformation & Translation

Send your ideas to by May15, 2017. A winner will be announced by July 1, 2017.

We look forward to seeing your creative ideas!
The 2020 Annual Meeting General and Program Co-Chairs:
Hosted by Colorado and Wyoming Sections
Julie Elliott & Chuck Butterfield
Justin Derner and Hailey Wilmer

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