Riparian Ecologist

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking to hire a qualified individual tasked with managing the Arctic Grayling CCAA programs in the beautiful and remote Big Hole and Centennial Valleys of southwestern Montana. This position will be based in Dillon, MT and is expected to have significant travel and field work during Spring – Fall. A significant amount of time is needed to work directly with landowners on the conservation of Arctic Grayling.  Thus, speaking skills and knowledge of emotional intelligence and working landscapes (e.g., cattle operations) are essential. A large part of the grayling CCAA programs are prioritized for developing grazing management plans to ensure healthy riparian and upland habitats on private lands and completing habitat projects on riparian and upland settings. Considerable knowledge of riparian management and ecology, development of grazing management plans, stream ecology, geomorphology, and hydrology are essential. This position is responsible for completing multiple concurrent habitat improvement projects, by being able to identify land and stream management concerns, develop project ideas, communicate with private landowners, implement, and monitor range, riparian, and stream habitat responses. The incumbent must be able to operate a personal computer using word processor, statistical and graphics programs, and GIS. Candidates need to a master’s level education experience or be able to demonstrate similar equivalency. Please visit for the following link for more information: