Superintendent, V-V Ranch

University of Arizona Experiment Stations

The Superintendent is a professional position within the Arizona Experiment Station (AES). Experiment station units are university-owned assets located across the State whose purpose is to support research, education and public outreach. The Superintendent will lead and administer the 70,000-acre and 500 cow grazing permit at V-V Ranch (V-V) and the 40-acre Cracchiolo DK Ranch (DK) to support research, instruction and Extension activities performed by University, public and private partners. These ranches are located near Camp Verde and Sedona, Arizona (https://experimentstation.arizona.edu/centers-and-locations/v-v-and-dk-crachiollo-ranches). Responsibilities and duties are numerous; from Strategic Planning to ensure the relevance of on-going and future research activities, coordination and cooperation with Coconino National Forest in the administration of the grazing permit, recruiting and supporting faculty users, contributing to educational, extension and research activities, overseeing support staff, engaging with industry and stakeholders, transitioning to self-sustainability, achieving entrepreneurial opportunities, and professionally representing the University. V-V and DK infrastructure includes Forest Service grazing permit, cattle handling facilities, fields, shops, equipment, personnel, and long-term cattle performance and genomic data. Included is a requirement to reside at the V-V to provide day-to-day and 24-hour emergency services as needed. The Superintendent is responsible for managing the $840K annual operating budget, as well as execution and delivery of contractual services and agreements generating ~$400K revenue annually. V-V and DK currently employs 5 staff members.

The Superintendent will develop a vision and plan for the ranches that is consistent with the University Strategic Plan (https://strategicplan.arizona.edu/). This will include working with faculty throughout Arizona’s public universities as well as diverse private sector entities.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Support research and extension activities through effective facilities and operations management.
  • Plan, lead, and monitor the completion of infrastructure, maintenance and building projects.
  • Develop and implement entrepreneurial efforts to increase use of the facilities.