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From the Student Conclave

The Student Conclave represented well this year at the Summer Board meeting, held in Denver, the location for the national meeting in 2020. For the first time, two representatives, Averi Reynolds (Vice President) and myself (President) attended the meeting with travel and lodging costs covered by the Society. Though the majority of the meeting consisted of budget managing, it was a great opportunity for us as Conclave Officers to see the inner workings of the Society and how the Directors want to see this organization progress forward. Additionally, a Diversity Workshop was held during the Meeting, which challenged our perspectives and provoked thought on how to promote inclusion within the Society for Range Management.  A brief update was given by Vice President Reynolds and I on Student Conclave activities during the second day of the meeting. Positive feedback and genuine interest was expressed by the Board, and their input was welcomed.

The Summer Board Meeting cultivated something in both VP Reynolds and I that fueled our passion only further for the Society, and how much we value our investment in this organization. Collaborating with a variety of people that are all driven and joined in the field of rangeland management is an honor and inspiration. We both look forward to seeing what we can do for the Society in the future as we continue our involvement and continue building our careers.

A huge thank you for the welcoming support from the Board of Directors and a word of encouragement to members: get excited for our Society- because with our current leadership and leadership to come, there is a bright future ahead!

John McQuaig
SRM Student Conclave President

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