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Brennan Honored by Society for Range Management with Outstanding Young Professional Award

SPARKS, NEVADA – Dr. Jameson Brennan received the Outstanding Young Professional Award at the Society for Range Management’s 77th Annual Meeting in Sparks, Nevada last week. The Award is presented by the Society to an individual member or couple who have demonstrated extraordinary potential and promise as range management professionals.  This award is presented as an encouragement for outstanding performance by young men and women entering the profession of range management.

Dr. Jameson “Jamie” Brennan is an exceptional range professional who has amassed an amazing body of accomplishments in rangeland research and Extension and in service to SRM.  

Dr. Brennan is a leader in the development and use of technologies that are resulting in rapid advancement in our understanding of livestock grazing behavior and distribution. These include GPS collars, accelerometers, virtual fencing technology, and machine learning, all of which generate massive data sets. He is also a leader in big-data analytics, and generously shares with other scientists the Python and R code needed to process those huge, complex datasets. 

Dr. Brennan has also been a leader in developing multiple workshops and in-services that bring scientists, students, and land managers together to learn and advance the use of technologies for research and management, including a very successful 2-day conference, “Virtual Fence In-Service Meeting,” held at the SRM meeting in Boise, ID (2023). 

He is PD/PI of 16 grants totaling over $82 million, and his 19 peer-reviewed journal articles and 12 peer-reviewed proceedings papers form an impressive body of work for someone so early in his career. Dr. Brennan has also been very involved in SRM, serving as 1st and 2nd VP and President for the South Dakota SRM Section. At the international level, he is a member of the SRM Endowment Committee, the Advisory Council, and the Livestock Foraging Behavior Committee. 

For the tremendous contributions to the science and management of rangeland ecosystems he has made, it is with great honor the Society of Range Management recognized Dr. Jameson Brennan with the Outstanding Young Professional Award.

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