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2019 USFS IP Seminar on Livestock Grazing

Management sponsors 18 new International Members to SRM

The US Forest Service International Program (IP) Seminar on Livestock Grazing Management, now in its 6th year, took place earlier this year.  19 participants traveled from across the globe to attend this 2-week traveling seminar.  To learn about the various aspects of rangeland management, they meet with land management agencies, community-based organizations, universities, and ranchers. Some highlights include a “range school” at a working ranch in Nevada, visiting the Sho-Ban tribe at Ft. Hall and learning about range monitoring with USFS staff on the Sawtooth NF.

Past President Wally Butler was invited to speak at the first seminar in 2014 and introduce the students to SRM and, not surprisingly, was a big hit.  Wally passed away before the 2015 seminar and USFS IP decided to give each student a one year international membership to SRM in his memory.

Thanks go out to SRM members and Rick Forsman (retired rangeland management specialist), Lance Criley (rangeland management specialist) and USFS IP coordinating team members Alison Holt, Rebecca Ciciretti, Brianne Harrison and Pam Foster as well as representatives from USFS and from other agencies and organizations for this wonderful program!

Visiting the Holt Ranch

Visiting the Sho-Ban tribe at Ft. Hall

Visiting with Smokey the Bear and USFS staff on the Sawtooth NF

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