Geospatial Science and Technology


Committee Chair: Caitlyn Cooper-Norris
Chair Email: Caitlyn.E.Cooper@ttu.edu

BoD Rep: John Walker
BoD Rep Email: jwalker@ag.tamu.edu

Overview and Introduction

The Geospatial Science and Technology Committee (formerly Remote Sensing/GIS) was established to track development of these technologies and funnel information about the capabilities of remote sensing, geographic information systems, global positioning systems, and new geospatial technologies to the members of the SRM. The Remote Sensing/GIS committee’s primary purpose is to increase the familiarity of the SRM membership with Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, and other new geospatial technologies useful for management of rangeland resources.

Documents & Publications

Current Members

Meghan Aerick
Jay Angerer
Sergio Arispe
Jocelyn Ayorigg
Will Boyer
Shayla Burnett
Rider Combs
Caitlyn Cooper
Chad Cummings
Kundan Dhakal
Phil Heilman
Marc Horney
Jason Karl
Daniel Lauritzen
Cameron Lutz
Angela Malliaras
JD McCoy
Sherri Meeks
Alison Menefee
Jennifer Muscha
Michael Page
Tess Palmer
Humberto Perotto
Steven Peterson
Lucas Phipps
Guillermo Ponce
Doug Ramsey
Matt Reeves
Ed Rhodes
Dwayne Rice
Merilynn Schantz
Tracy Shane
Sonisa Sharma
Dino Stauffer
Robert A. Washington-Allen
Katie White
David Wood
Ben Wu