SRM Board Meets in Albuquerque.

In case you missed it— Your SRM Board of Directors, YPC President, Student Conclave President and staff met in Albuquerque, New

Mexico for the summer business meeting. We were all thrilled to safely be back together again and had excellent discussion on how we

can best serve our members and guide the future of the Society. Keep your eyes out for directives developed during the productive

summer Board meeting!

The Board also had the opportunity to tour the Albuquerque Convention Center with the Annual Meeting Planning Committee. Big thanks

to incredible work of that team thus far— we’re looking forward to what is in store for us at the 75th Annual Meeting of the SRM!

SRM Continues Development of Grazing Makes

Cent$ Producer Program.

SRM leaders and staff met in Billings, Montana at the beginning of August to develop an upcoming project involving our Young

Professionals Conclave, Membership Committee, and others!

Launching in

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