2017 SRM Graduate Student Oral Paper and Poster Competitions Results Announcement

It is our sincere pleasure to announce the winners of the 2017 SRM Graduate Student Oral Paper and Poster Competitions.

The First and Second Place winners in the MS and PhD Oral Paper Competitions are:
MS Oral Paper Presentation
1st Place: Cayla Bendel, North Dakota State University
Investigating Plant-Pollinator Networks to Evaluate the Influence of Grassland Management Practices on Ecosystem Stability

2nd Place: Nicky Lansink, University of Alberta
Testing Performance of RFI-selected Cattle Under Extensive Cow/Calf Production Systems

PhD Oral Paper Presentation
1st Place: Rory O’Connor, Kansas State University
Browsing Impacts Resprouting Shrub Physiology in a Woody Encroached Grassland

2nd Place: Britt Smith, Texas Tech University
Impact of rangeland fire on dung beetles of the Texas Rolling Plains

The First and Second Place winners in the MS and PhD Poster Competitions are:
MS Poster Presentation
1st Place: Hennessy Miller, University of Arizona
Geomorphological Change Analysis of Ephemeral Rangeland Streams In The Altar Valley, Arizona: 2011-2016

2nd Place: Chris Miller, Angelo State University
Preconditioning Procedures and Supplementation to Increase Redberry Juniper Consumption by Goats

PhD Poster Presentation
1st Place: Casey Spackman, Utah State University
Glyphosate Application and Cattle Grazing: An Integrated Approach to Control Medusahead

2nd Place: Cheryl McIntyre, University of Arizona
Influence of Biological Soil Crusts on Grass Germination and Establishment of Native and Non-native Grasses

Please join us in congratulating these students on their accomplishments!
We would like to thank and commend all students who participated, and hope to see you at the 2018 SRM meeting in Reno, NV.

Kasey DeAtley
Co-Chair, SRM Graduate Student Competitions Sub-Committee

(CLICK HERE to see photos of all Student Competition winners)

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