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MEMBER ACCESS:  Rangeland Ecology & Management

Rangeland Ecology & Management (formerly Journal of Range Management) is a publication of the Society for Range Management (SRM) and is published six times a year in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Since its premiere in 1948, the journal has provided a forum for the presentation and discussion of facts, ideas, and philosophies pertaining to the study, management, ecology, and use of rangelands and their resources. Rangeland Ecology & Management (REM) is peer-reviewed and provides international exchange of scholarly research and information among persons interested in rangelands. REM is available by subscription. SRM members receive a special discount rate!



MEMBER ACCESS:  Rangelands

Rangelands is a full-color publication of the Society for Range Management and is published six times per year in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Each peer-reviewed issue of Rangelands features articles on the state of rangeland science (quantitative and qualitative), art, management, technology, policy, economics, education (formal and informal), society and culture; along with book reviews, highlights from the relevant scientific literature, and society news. Additionally, readers may find youth, rancher, and international forums. The journal provides readers relevant information founded in the current rangeland science and management knowledge base in a user friendly, non-technical format. Rangelands is intended for a wide-range of individuals including educators, students, rangeland owners and managers, researchers, and policy leaders. Rangelands is available by subscription. SRM members receive a special discount rate!

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Rangelands Wants to Publish YOUR Content!

Rangelands is accepting submissions for short article types with a very low Article Processing Charge (APC) for those interested in publishing Open Access. The APC for regular full length articles in Rangelands is $1350 for members ($1500 for nonmembers) but for these short papers, the APC is just $400 for members ($500 for nonmembers). See the types of articles (and their descriptions) we are looking for below.

  • Research Notes (3,000 words maximum) are short papers reporting research results of immediate interest. Notes are intended to foster communication on emerging research topics and concepts.
  • Technical Notes (3,000 words maximum) are short papers reporting new techniques and technologies, including those that are conceptual and qualitative.
  • Comments and Responses (2,000 words maximum) are short clarifications of, rebuttals to, or comments on articles published in Rangelands and a response by the original article’s authors. Comments and responses are peer-reviewed for technical accuracy and merit but with the goal of publishing them as rapidly as possible. An ‘On the Ground’ section is not required for this article type
  • Research and Partnership Highlights (2,000 words maximum) describe emerging, high-impact research projects, management activities, or collaborative efforts of interest to the Rangelands audience. Highlights are reviewed for technical accuracy and are accepted at the discretion of the editor based on their relevance to Rangelands readers.

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New Virtual Rangelands Special Issue

The Rangeland Journal recently launched a new virtual special issue, titled Rangeland Dynamics and State and Transition models: an Enduring Conceptual and Practical Framework. Honoring the 30th anniversary of the seminal paper on the subject by Mark Westoby, Brian Walker and the late Imanuel Noy-Meir, originally published in The Journal of Range Management.

This virtual issue is a collection of already published papers in The Rangeland Journal which have drawn on their concepts. The issue includes a new editorial by Brian Walker and Mark Westoby that reflects on their early thinking behind state and transition models and commentary on its evolution. The issue will be available free to read online until the end of August.

You can access it here: https://www.publish.csiro.au/rj/virtualissue/2782.

Both Rangeland Ecology and Management and Rangelands have frequently published highly popular articles over the past 30 years on the application of state and transition models for rangeland management.

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