Range land pictures

Professional Presentations:

Nevada SRM Winter Meeting Presentations 2017:

- Keeping Up With Conservation, Letty Vega Elko, Nevada
- Cheatgrass Soil Engineering/Perennial Grass Suppression of Cheatgrass: The Yin and Yang of Plant Competition in Northern Nevada,
Dr. Bob Blank, USDA-ARS
- Revegetation of Exotic Annual Grasses - Invaded Rangelands,
Kirk Davies, USDA-ARS
- Challenges in Restoring and Rehabilitating Arid Lands,
Jay Davidson, UNCE

- The Role of Weed Control in Rangeland Rehabilitation,
Dan Harmon and Charlie Clements, USDA-ARS
- Establishment of native and introduced perennial grass species in rangeland seeding,
Kevin Jensen, USDA-ARS

- Rangeland Wildfire - Mangement Before, During and After Workshop Presentation:

Seed Bank Monitoring and Bioassay Procedures

- Tools and Management Applications Workshop for Managing Greater Sage-Grouse
- Agenda

- Summary
- Conservation Planning Tool: A Quantitative Approach to Assess Conifer Treatment Areas

Bi-State Technical Advisory Committee

- Sagebrush Ecosystem Program, Conservation Credit System, Tim Rubald, Program Manager

- Synergistic Monitoring for Adaptive Management of Sagebrush Ecosystems,
Sherm Swanson
- Wyoming Big Sagebrush Sites Fire/Land Treatment Study Overview,
John Swanson
- Sagebrush cover pre-fire as a predictor of native herbaceous cover post-fire,
Peter Murphy
- Temporal Response to Mowing Wyoming Sagebrush Communities: Sagebrush and Herbaceous Species,
Brad Schultz
- Spatial Diversity: Mowed Wyoming Big Sagebrush Sites,
John Swanson
- Nevada NRCS Bi-State Sage Grouse Accomplishments & Plans,
- Private Land Grazing Plans in the Bi-State Area,
Tracey Jean Wolfe
- NRCS Sage Grouse Initiative (SGI) in Nevada and the Bi-State,
Thad Heater
- Saving Sage-Grouse from the Trees: SGI’s Strategic Approach to Tackling Conifer Encroachment and Quantifying Outcomes for Sage-Grouse,
Thad Heater