Rangeland Management Specialist GS-5/7/9

USDA-Forest Service, Malheur National Forest, Emigrant Creek Ranger District

  • Duties listed are at the GS-09 full performance level.
  • Monitor, gather, analyze, interpret, and evaluate data to determine if land management, economic, and social goals and objectives identified for the land involved are being achieved.
  • Conduct short- and long-term monitoring of plant community change, trends, grazing impacts; precipitation; soil erosion hazards; and correlate other rangeland resource activities and uses.
  • Gather and assemble rangeland health, trends, ecological status of vegetation communities, site potential and desired plant community data.
  • Prepare portions of environmental assessments as an interdisciplinary team member or team leader.
  • Coordinate range and wildlife ecological management with other functional activities with the concept of multiple use management.
  • Collaborate with Grazing Association members to make recommendations for improved rangeland and livestock administration and range improvement projects and provide input into subsequent decisions.
  • Assist in the administration of grazing permits by consulting, coordinating, and collaborating with permittees.
  • Compile material and supply estimates for facilities, construction, and maintenance of rangeland projects.