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International Affairs Committee

Sunday, February 11, 2007 1-3:30 pm
Pyramid Room, J.A. Nugget, Reno, Nevada


Andres Cibils (New Mexico State)
Ben Wu (Texas A&M)
Bruce Fox (USFS)
Cindy Hogemark (Montana State)
D. Dorligsuren (Mongolia)
D. Layne Coppock (Utah State)
David Lee Anderson (White Sands Missile Range, DOD)
Humberto Perotto (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station)
Israel Feldman (Argentina)
Jim O'Rourke (IRC Continuing Committee)
Joe Wagner (BLM, Lakeview, OR)
Leslie Stewart-Phelps (USFS, Chadron State College)
Maria Fernandez-Gimenez (Colorado State)
Poncho Ortega (Texas A&M Kingsville)
Tim Fulbright (Texas A&M-Kingsville)
Ts. Enich-Amgalan (SDC Mongolia)
Urs Kreuter (Texas A&M)
Wade Anderson (NRCS)
Walter Willms (AgriFood Canada)
Wayne Hanselka (Texas Cooperative Extension)

2005 Symposium Publication
Poncho Ortega reported on the publication based on the 2005 symposium. Poncho raised $5,000 for publication of the proceedings in the form of an edited book. Publication of the book is basically finished, except for the English version of one of the chapters. All chapters are in both English and Spanish.

2006 Symposium Publication
Ben Wu reported the efforts to publish a Special Feature in Rangeland Ecology and Management based on the 2006 symposium on Grasslands of Northern China. Fifteen manuscripts were prepared and pre-reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief of REM; they are being updated and submitted for formal reviews.

2007 Symposium Update
Andres Cibils provided an update of the 2007 symposium on "Pampas, savannas and deserts of Argentina: traditions and transitions in rangeland management, research, and education", co-sponsored by INTA (Argentine equivalent of ARS). Nine researchers and professors from INTA and two universities (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata and Universidad Nacional de La Pampa) will be talking about different aspects of rangeland research, extension and education in Argentina. Plans to publish symposium proceedings in both Spanish and English were discussed.

IAC Website
We discussed the need of continuing efforts to improve the IAC web page. Leslie Stewart-Phelps ( agreed to take the lead in this effort. Help is needed from all IAC members

2008 Symposium
We discussed possible future symposium topics, especially a potential symposium for the 2008 meeting. Humberto Perotto-Baldivieso and Maria Fernandez-Gimenez agreed to take the lead to develop a proposal for the 2008 symposium with a theme related to the Mediterranean rangelands.

SRM International Outreach Endowment campaign.
We discussed the SRM International Outreach Endowment campaign. Urs Kreuter and Maria Fernandez-Gimenez will take the lead on this effort.

2008 IRC/IGC; 2011 IRC
Jim O'Rourke provided an update on the plans for the joint IRC/IGC in 2008 in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, PRC and on the progress toward receiving bids for the 2011 IRC. The Argentine delegation who had expressed an interest in submitting a bid made plans to meet with Jim O'Rourke later during the week to discuss details.

Election of the 2008-2009 Co-Chair
Humberto Perotto of Texas Agricultural Experiment Station was nominated for and elected as the 2008-2009 Co-Chair of IAC.

Action Items for 2007

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