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International Affairs Committee

SRM International Affairs Committee
2007 Report
January 27, 2008

Relevant activities:

2008 IAC- Sponsored Symposium: "Livestock Management in Shrub-Dominated Semi-Arid Rangelands: A Comparison of Landscape Histories and Use Patterns in the Mediterranean and Southwestern North America" co-organized by Humberto Perotto and Maria Fernandez Gimenez. Prestigious scientists from Spain, Italy, Morocco, Israel, and the United States will give an international perspective on this topic, followed by a panel discussion moderated by the organizers. This effort was mostly funded by a grant from Dow Ago-Sciences.

Proceedings from prior symposia have been compiled and are in the process of being submitted for review in REM (China symposium), Rangelands (Argentina symposium) or will be published as a stand alone book (Mexico symposium).

2007 International Travel Fellowship: The 2007 ITF was awarded to Dr. Alicia Melgoza from the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico. Urs Kreuter and Maria Fernandez Gimenez continued to work on obtaining funding to create an endowment that would provide the funds to support ITFs in the future.

International Membership: Approximately 1,100$ were raised through voluntary $25 donation by SRM members (a mechanism proposed by the IAC in 2006). Part of these funds was used to cover membership of undergraduate students from Mexican teams who will be competing in the 2008 Plant ID Competition.

A process to allocate these funds was discussed during the Jan. 27 IAC meeting (please see IAC's 2008 requests below)

IAC Website: The committee's website structure and content was designed and developed by Leslie Stuart Phelps who will work jointly with Ann Tanaka to put the website online during 2008.

International Rangeland Congress: Preparations for the 2008 IRC_IGC in Hohhot, China are progressing well. A total of 1,700 papers have been submitted, and approximately 170 delegates have registered so far (deadline for early bird registration is Feb. 29, 2008). A mechanism to help with the review process of papers was discussed during the Jan 27 IAC meeting.

The IRC continuing committee selected Argentina's bid for the 2011 IRC. The development of this bid was greatly facilitated by interactions between Jim O'Rourke and Argentine scientists who spoke at the IAC-sponsored symposium on Rangelands of Argentina in Reno (2007).

Action Requests to the Board of Directors:

International Travel Fellowship: The ITF has been a successful initiative that has promoted increasing interest in attending annual SRM meetings in rangeland scientists from developing countries. The IAC has successfully awarded the fellowship to scientists from Mongolia (2007) and Mexico (2008). Members of the IAC are pursuing funding opportunities for an endowment to expand this program. Since time is required to cultivate relationships with potential donors, the IAC is requesting that funding for this program be renewed for two additional years (2009-2010). Also, given that air fare prices have increased considerably in the recent past the IAC is requesting that the ITF be increased to 1,250.00$ (total = 2,500.00$).

Allocation of International Membership Funds: The IAC feels that these funds would be most effective if allocation criteria could be expanded to include funding institutional online REM subscriptions for libraries at universities or research institutes in developing countries. This action would synergize the effect of current membership subsidies in increasing awareness about the SRM abroad. The IAC proposes using 60% of funds for institutional REM online subscriptions ($360.00 ea.) and 40% for memberships.

Membership subsidies will only be awarded to non-members from developing countries that register for SRM annual meetings and submit a request to be considered for this subsidy. A subcommittee of the IAC will evaluate applications and award membership subsidies in coordination with the Denver office. This subcommittee would also receive nominations and evaluate potential recipients of institutional REM online subscriptions which will also be awarded in coordination with the SRM Denver office.

IAC Co-chairs:

2006-07 X. Ben Wu
2007-08 Andres Cibils
2008-09 Humberto Perotto-Baldivieso
2009-10 Herman Garcia

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