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International Affairs Committee

International Affairs Committee
February 17, 2006

The International Affairs Committee promotes the mission of the SRM by providing information to SRM members on rangeland science and management in an international context, and by informing the international community about SRM's role and the opportunities SRM provides for professional development and participation in rangeland issues. In 2005 the committee undertook a number of activities to advance these goals.

2005 Activities and Achievements

2006 Action Plan

2006 Board Request
The International Affairs Committee requests that the SRM board act on the following items (in order of priority):

  1. Approve reduced subscription and membership rates for developing country members per SRM IAC proposal
  2. Approve voluntary check-off on membership and annual meeting registration forms to enable members to make an additional contribution in support of developing-country memberships
  3. Direct HQ staff to mail SRM Spanish-language brochures to US and Mexico SRM sections.
  4. Sponsor 1 travel fellowship for developing country rangeland professionals to attend the annual SRM meeting in 2007, and 1 in 2008. (Note, funds for the 2006 fellowship were not expended because the recipient was not able to attend at the last minute due to a critical injury of a close family member. The IAC requests that the $1,000 the Board provided for the 2006 fellowship be carried forward to 2007.)
  5. Waive annual meeting registration fees for invited IAC symposium speakers who are not already SRM members.
  6. Approve development and implementation of an SRM International Outreach Endowment fundraising campaign.

Maria E. Fernandez-Gimenez, Co-chair 2004-2005
Alfonso (Poncho) Ortega, Co-chair 2005-2006
Ben Wu, Co-chair 2006-2007

Andres Cibils, Co-chair, elect 2007-2008

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