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International Affairs Committee

SRM International Affairs Committee
February 10, 2005

The International Affairs Committee promotes the mission of the SRM by providing information to SRM members on rangeland science and management in an international context, and by informing the international community about SRM's role and the opportunities SRM provides for professional development and participation in rangeland issues. In 2004 the committee undertook a number of activities to advance these goals.

2004 Activities and Achievements

  • Organized and sponsored 2005 IAC Symposium "Mexico Rangelands: Common Issues, Perspectives, and Future Challenges
  • Proceedings from the 2004 symposium will be published in early 2005 as a USFS RMRS General Technical Report.
  • Raised $5,000 for publication of the 2005 symposium proceedings
  • Prepared a Spanish-language version of the SRM briefing paper/brochure. This publication is ready for production pending $1,000 support from the SRM Board.
  • Began investigating university rangeland curricula in other countries to identify opportunities for SRM to provide guidance and resources for rangeland curriculum development.

2005 Action Plan

  • Publish and distribute Spanish-language SRM brochure
  • Increase international memberships in SRM by:
    • Reducing membership rates for developing country members.
    • Offering a voluntary check-off (additional contribution) on membership forms specifically designated for developing-country memberships.
    • Providing travel fellowships to 2 developing-country rangeland professionals to attend the SRM annual meeting.
  • Improve access to SRM publications for international professionals by
    • Offering country site-licenses to REM and Rangelands, providing free access to the electronic versions of the journals to all rangeland scientists and professionals in a country.
    • Providing reduced-rate subscriptions to developing-country members
  • Sponsor the 2006 IAC Symposium entitled "Grasslands in Northern China: Ecology and Contemporary Issues," co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Science
  • Publish proceedings of the 2005 symposium in book form. If possible, arrange for the proceeds from sales of the book to by directed back to the IAC to help support committee activities, including travel for international symposium speakers.
  • Enhance IAC website by adding links to sister societies in other countries

2005 Board Request
The International Affairs Committee requests that the SRM board act on the following items (in order of priority):

  1. Provide $1,000 for the publication and distribution of the Spanish-language SRM briefing paper.
  2. Provide a voluntary check-off on membership and annual meeting registration forms to enable members to make an additional contribution in support of developing-country memberships and travel to SRM meetings.
  3. Sponsor 2 travel fellowships for developing country rangeland professionals to attend the annual SRM meeting each year ($1000 each).
  4. Waive annual meeting registration fees for 11 invited IAC symposium speakers who are not already SRM members. (Note, in 2006 there will be 11 invited Chinese speakers in the symposium.)
  5. Reduce subscription and membership rates for developing-country members.
  6. Provide country site-licenses to electronic versions of SRM publications.
  7. If funding is not available for 1 and 3 above, please include these items on SRM's "Special Projects" list to enable individual sections to support them if they wish.

Committee Leadership for 2005-2006
The IAC committee has a shared leadership structure with 2 co-chairs serving staggered 2-year terms.

Co-chairs for 2005:
Maria E. Fernandez-Gimenez, Colorado State University; 970-491-0409
Poncho Ortega, Texas A&M Kingsville
Co-chairs-elect for 2006:
Poncho Ortega and Ben Wu (Texas A&M)
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