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International Affairs Committee

2012 Symposium Presentations

Presentations from a symposium on:
Mongolian Rangeland Development and Management
65th Meeting of the Society for Range Management
Spokane, WA


Pastoral Livestock Herding - Past, Present, Future
- Dr. Prof S. Jigjidsuren

Pasture User Group - As a Collective Action model of Herders
- Ts. Enkhamgalan, B. Batbuyan

Legal and Regulatory Framework for Pastureland Management in Mongolia
- Suvd Manibadar, School of Law - Otgontenger University

Current State and Perspective of Mongolian Yak Husbandry
- Dr. Prof. Zagdsuren. Yo., khishigjargal, Ts

Some Results of Research on Montain Steppe Rangeland of Core Area and Buffer Zone of Hustai National Park
- Oyumbileg Kh., Tserendulam Ts., Oyuntsetseg. B

The Effect of Grazing on Plant Biomass Allocation in Northern Mongolian Forest Steppe
- Amgaa Batbaatar, Bazartseren Boldgiv, Lkhagva Ariuntsetseg

Species Evaluation of Native Ecotypes and Foreign Cultivars of Legumes and Grasses in Mongolia
- S. Jigjidsuren, D. Lkhagvasuren, D. Tumerjargal






Primary Seeds Planting of Three Species Wildrye in Forest-Steppe Zone of Mongolia
- P. Sukhbaatar, D. Alimaa

Some Results of Soil Seed Bank of Dalbay and Turag Valleys in Mongolia
- Sumjidmaa Sainnemekh, Oyuntsetseg Batlai

Strategy for the Potential Based Rangeland Health Monitoring Program in Mongolia
- Bulgamaa Densambuu

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