Good Grazing Makes Cent$ Connects Ranchers to Range Science


For Immediate Release

January 25, 2022

Contact: Mary Jo Foley-Birrenkott

Director of Membership & Outreach, SRM

(541) 231-5605

January 25, 2022 – In an effort to connect farmers, ranchers, and land managers to current, useful

range management resources, the Society for Range Management (SRM) launched Good Grazing

Makes Cent$ (GGMC). Through conversation and collaboration between range scientists and

ranchers, GGMC aims to provide practical, applicable, and economically feasible range

management practices which can ultimately improve productivity of the land and the bottom

dollar of the ranch.

“Good Grazing Makes Cent$ offers me a chance to ask questions in an interactive forum that can

connect me to people in the academic world and bring it into a situation where I can use it on my

own landscape,” Dave Voth, a Nevada ranch manager and program participant, said.

The multifaceted program provides numerous deliverables for ranchers to quickly and easily

access information on topics ranging from how the history of your land impacts today’s

management decisions to best determining grazing intensity, duration, and timing. Each month, a

new subject will be dissected through an e-newsletter, YouTube videos with experts, a live,

interactive Facebook group, and SRM journals and articles. All the resources and topics will be

housed online at and accessible to GGMC members at any time.

Most importantly, GGMC members will drive the content. To best meet the needs of the range

stewards utilizing the information, there will be multiple avenues to submit questions and connect

with range scientists with solutions or other ranchers with similar experiences. Particularly in the

Facebook group, participants will have the ability to get answers to their toughest range

management questions in real time. Each newsletter will have “submit a question” options that

will then be directed to experts or even covered in depth in future editions.

“I can speak to other producers who have tried unique and progressive treatments and see how I

can use some of those things and what may or may not make sense on my place,” Voth added.

Those interested in becoming GGMC members should visit for more information

and to sign up.

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