EVP Update

Jess Peterson, SRM EVP

Greetings SRM Members,

There are some great articles in this edition of Rangelands News, so I don’t want to command too much of your attention and time.  I just wanted to pass along a few updates, along with my sincere thanks for both your membership and all that you do with your involvement and contributions towards rangelands.

For each of you that worked with us through the transition to get your membership set up on the new annual renewal system, I thank you.  Like any transition process there are challenges to overcome, and you helped make this a successful endeavor.  Moving forward, the Society benefits as we are able to streamline renewals and focus in on retaining Members.  SRM loses too much of its membership due to a lack of retention.  Our Staff, the leadership, and Membership Committee are honed in on strategies and activities that can address this challenge.

A big thanks to Sandy Wyman for her efforts on leading the SRM Membership Committee the last several years.  She fired up folks with her creativity and vision and got us moving in a positive direction.  The baton has been handed off to Past President Gary Frasier, along with long-standing SRM member Devii Rao, to serve as the new co-chairs for the SRM Membership Committee.  This group is off and running – if you want to be a part of the team that gets SRM to 5000 Members shoot me an email and I will get you connected with the committee.  History will be made by this committee and you will be proud you played a role.

The SRM 2018 Annual Meeting in Sparks is just around the corner.  Like previous host Sections, this Planning Committee is doing an incredible job.  Make sure you are all set to attend and, when you do, please take a moment to seek out one of your SRM Staff members…pass along your thoughts….Are we missing the mark?  Are we doing ok?  Where do we need to improve?  Your SRM Staff meets nearly every Monday and hammers out the plans and goals for the week ahead.  We coordinate with the SRM Board and Committees along with interacting with you the member each and every day.  You are passionate about your Society and so are we…together we learn, coordinate and communicate all things that apply to this world we know as rangelands.  If you have a question…ask it…work might be being done on that topic…or maybe it needs to be looked into.  Each year the Society gets more focused and active on the directives being set forth via the Board, Committees and Members…if you want to get more involved we are just a phone call or email away.

Jess Peterson (MCC 02) along with Travis Shannon and Sheldon Danforth after a long day on the range….Travis and Sheldon will be in Sparks competing and representing Miles Community College.



And last but not least, this year Congress will examine, evaluate, amend and pass a new Farm Bill. Millions of conservation dollars are prioritized towards spending on rangeland improvement and practices.  And with these dollars, directives are attached to rangeland management.  SRM is being asked for input and that input comes from YOU!  Do you have thoughts on a Farm Bill program?  Shoot me a note.  I want to hear about it.  I will tell you in advance, if it’s just a complaint, better rework that note before you send it. I am looking for suggestions and will be applying the concept championed by Past President Pluhar, “if you raise a point of objection, what is your suggestion to make it better?”  In discussions with the Board and Committees our Staff is working hard to ensure Farm Bill programs place an emphasis on utilizing SRM certified professionals to help advance, implement and certify conservation planning and practices.

In closing, thank you again for supporting SRM.  During the Holiday season we find our hearts warmed and feelings positive, let’s seek to carry this into the New Year.  And if you do find yourself feeling down, know that you have made a difference, your support for the Society makes a positive impact every day.  Onward to 2018!
Jess Peterson
Executive Vice President

Jess Peterson, SRM Staff and Leadership during the 2017 Summer Fly-In

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