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The Society for Range Management knows the importance of student involvement. Students are the future leaders of SRM. The student events and activities provide a great opportunity for high school, college, and university students to become involved with the SRM,


Committee Chair: Randall Violett
Chair Email: randall.violett@usu.edu

BoD Rep: Susan Edinger Marshall
BoD Rep Email: sem11@humboldt.edu

Overview and Introduction

SRM Student Activities

The Society for Range Management knows the importance of student involvement.  Students are the future leaders of SRM.  The student events and activities provide a great opportunity for high school, college, and university students to become involved with the SRM, and to learn more about rangeland resources and the field of range science. The various events and activities are designed for students to:

  • Test their knowledge of rangeland ecology, plant identification and rangeland management;
  • Synthesize information and enhance communication skills;
  • Find camaraderie, friendships, and lasting relationships;
  • Meet SRM members;
  • Interact with range professionals and explore career opportunities;
  • Gain insights concerning the functioning and working of the Society;
  • Explore the ecology and natural resources of the annual meeting location.

Note to SRM members: the students represent the future of SRM: encourage a student to participate in an upcoming meeting today!

List of Student Activities:

Student Conclave – All students that attend the Annual SRM meeting belong to the Student Conclave. Students are encouraged to attend associated socials, tours, business meetings, and a luncheon. Officers are elected annually to serve in leadership roles.
2019-2020 Officers:
President: Blake Duncan, University of Nevada-Reno
Vice President: Ryan Benjamin, University of Wyoming
Secretary: Tyler Jones, University of Wyoming
Public Relations/YPC Liaison: Madison Mittleman, Brigham Young University

Masonic-Range Science Scholarship – This scholarship offers financial assistance and recognition to a high school senior, college freshman or college sophomore planning to major in/presently majoring in range science and/or closely related field. The recipient of the scholarship must be planning to attend or be currently in attendance at a college or university with a range science program.

Rangeland Job Fair – This free event matches prospective employers with educated and enthusiastic job seekers in a fun, professional & rewarding setting.  The Job Fair contains job announcements from various state and federal agencies as well as private companies. Find a career!

Student Employment Workshop – This workshop focuses on job seeking, creating application materials, and interviews. Discussions will concentrate on the process of evaluating job announcements, gathering information, preparing check lists, and then writing the resume and cover letter, submitting the application, follow-up, and preparing for the interview. This workshop will help students analyze their resume with discussions on how they may improve it. Potential employees that attend this workshop will also learn about appropriate interview attire, the importance of networking, and having a business card.

University Website Display Contest* – The University Website Display Contest will be hosted each year in advance of the Annual Meeting. Each University or College Chapter/Club elects to create a website and develop an online presence that promotes 1) their club, 2) rangeland science, 3) their university and 4) the theme of the Annual Meeting for that year, once announced.
    *(This contest replaces the University Chapter Display Contest)

Undergraduate Range Management Exam (URME) – Undergraduate teams will compete to test their knowledge and understanding of range management and ecology. The top 5 scoring individuals and top 5 scoring teams are recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

Undergraduate Extemp Speaking Contest – Undergraduates can compete in an extemporaneous public speaking contest. Each student will select one of three provided topics related to range management. They will have 2.5 hours to develop a 5-7 minute presentation on that topic. Students can use any resources available at the SRM meeting to develop their speech, including people, displays and presentations. Everyone is invited to attend these presentations.  Top students are recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

Rangeland Cup – This competition involves a team approach to problem solving. It promotes critical thinking and cooperative and collaborative work on topics relevant to rangeland science and management. Teams present their solutions during a poster session. Everyone is invited to view the posters and discuss the projects with team members.  Top posters are recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

Plant ID Contest – This is a time-honored tradition of SRM. Students will test their skills by identifying plants from a list of 200 important range plants. Awards will be given to top teams and the top individuals. SRM members are encouraged to view the Plant ID Exam, displayed after the contest is complete, to test and renew their own plant ID skills.

Undergraduate Paper Session – Undergraduate students give oral presentations on research projects or papers to the SRM membership. Everyone at the Annual Meeting is invited to attend the presentations.

Tapping The Top Mixer –  This event provides students with an opportunity to meet and visit with top professionals from the range management and natural resource management fields.  This is a casual event conducive to conversation between students and professionals.

Graduate Student Paper and Poster Competitions – Graduate students presentations are imbedded in the technical sessions along with professionals and academics. This contest offers graduate students an opportunity to compete in the presentation of their research in technical paper and poster sessions throughout the week. The four categories are M.Sc., Oral; M.Sc, Poster; Ph.D., Oral; and Ph.D., Poster. First and second prizes will be awarded in each category.

High School Youth Forum (HSYF) – In 1966, the SRM recognized a need to involve youth with the range-related activities at the annual meeting.  As a result, each year since this time, the SRM has sponsored a forum at the high school level to provide an opportunity for deserving high school students to learn about rangelands and other related resources.  Delegates learn what SRM is all about, contribute to the annual meeting with their range presentation, network with professionals and peers, and go on a local ecological tour.

SRM Student Award Recipients

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2019 Student Award Recipients (HS & UG only)
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