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To preserve the primary information on the Society for Range Management and the rangeland management profession such that synthesis efforts will be possible.


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Overview and Introduction


History, Archives, Library Committee
Society for Range Management

Purpose:  To preserve the primary information on the Society for Range Management and the rangeland management profession such that synthesis efforts will be possible. This is to be accomplished through the following: To develop and publish or otherwise make available historical information on the Society for Range Management and the Range Management profession; to manage the SRM archival collection housed in the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center, Laramie WY; to monitor the SRM depository publications at the Utah State University library, Logan, UT.

Committee Structure:

  1. Members volunteer for the Committee on an indefinite term basis and generally serve until they request to be removed. However, members have been removed due to inaction and absence from participation in committee activities. Membership has averaged about 15 over the years. When someone expresses interest in SRM history they are asked to join the committee.
  2. Chairmanship:  The Chair is selected by the committee membership on a periodic basis and serves until they request to be relieved, at which time the committee selects a successor Chair. To date (2006) no vice chair or co-chair has been selected. If the committee deemed this desirable or necessary, that could be done.

Meetings:  Traditionally, the committee meets only at the SRM annual meeting to conduct business, report on the year’s progress and develop a work plan for the ensuing year. Should needs develop for a mid-year meeting, that could occur although reduced participation is to be expected.

Projects:  Some tasks are ongoing, e.g. maintain the SRM archives and monitor the depository library. Other tasks are one time, e.g. Educational History of the Range Profession (although this could be updated on a peridic basis). Most tasks/projects traditionally have been adopted and carried out independent of the SRM Board of Directors. When projects have financial requirements, they must be taken to the Board. The Board, of course, could assign tasks to the committee. Most work of the committee is conducted during the year, generally by individual members who have an interest in the task. To the extent practicable, when errors in prior outputs are discovered, they will be recognized and made available via “Errata.” Some of the Committee’s output will be posted on the SRM History, Archives and Library website.

Archive Policy

SRM Archive Policy (2006)
SRM Archive Policy (2006)

Archives of the Society for Range Management are housed at the American Heritage Center, Coe Library, University of Wyoming, Department 3924, 100 East University Street, Laramie, WY 82071. The SRM Archives exist for the permanent housing of its records.

Any SRM member may submit materials directly to the Archives and they are encouraged to do so. The Archives are intended to contain materials of a serious and permanent nature with permanent reference value. This may include materials that document career contributions and professional philosophies and viewpoints. However, members should consider abstracting of voluminous material and not clutter the collection.

The following materials should be archived:

  1. All relevant records from the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Executive Vice President, Advisory Council Chairman, and Board of Directors.
  2. Minutes of Board of Directors and Advisory Council.
  3. Committee, Task Group and Ad Hoc Working group reports to the Board of Directors including relevant supporting work by and from members.
  4. Mini-directories since their origin.
  5. Copies of all policies, position statements and the like as approved by the Board of Directors. To the extent practicable, include perspectives that may not have been approved but may be of historical value. Be certain authorship and dates are documented.
  6. Records of meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. in which SRM is involved in some official way even when not for official SRM business. State purpose, dates, participation and main points discussed.
  7. Membership records in various categories such as duration of active membership, if/when dropped and/or re-instated, deceased, etc.
  8. Correspondence with affiliate and partner organizations
  9. Recommendations by the Society’s Washington D.C. representative on SRM’s positions on relevant legislative, executive or professional matters beyond or other than those appearing in minutes, publications or other official materials referenced above.

Materials submitted should be clearly labeled as to a) by whom submitted, b) detailed nature of contents including dates covered, c) relevant supporting material including correspondence but only when deemed necessary or important, and d) record of actions taken, tasks assigned and completed. Materials should be kept if there is question of its value.

Submit materials at the end of each business year, which is following the SRM annual meeting. Strive to be complete but concise in submissions.

These recommendations should be prominently posted in officer/committee handbooks and pass from officer to officer and chairman-to-chairman. To insure communication, the Executive Vice President will also mail recommendations to officers, directors, chairs, co-chairs, and chair-elects.

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