Reclamation & Restoration

We’re a community of experts dedicated to improving rangeland health worldwide.


Committee Chair: Brenda Schladweiler bschladweiler@bksenvironmental.com Daryle Bennett daryle@graniteseed.com
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BoD Rep: David Toledo
BoD Rep Email: David.Toledo@ARS.USDA.GOV

Overview and Introduction

We’re a community of experts dedicated to improving rangeland health worldwide.

Committee Business

2021 Committee Notes: Friday, January 8, virtual

2020 Committee Notes: Wednesday, February 26 in Denver, Colorado

2019 Committee Notes: Tuesday, February 12 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

2018 Committee Notes: Monday, January 29 in Sparks, Nevada

2017 Committee Notes: Tuesday, January 31 in St. George, Utah


Symposia sponsored by the Committee:

2021 Symposium (virtual): Impacts and Solutions to Multiple Use in the Context of Reclamation and Restoration

2020 Symposium: Researchers and Practitioners Integrating Knowledge to Restore and Reclaim Rangelands and Riparian Areas

2019 Symposium: The Proof is in the Pudding: Showcasing Diverse Perspectives on Success and Failure in Rangeland Reclamation and Restoration

2018 Symposium: How does moisture availability affect reclamation and restoration on rangelands?

2017 Symposium: Rangeland, Reclamation, and Restoration: the Roles of Productive Re-Use and Conservation

Description of Leadership Positions in the Reclamation & Restoration Committee

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Reclamation & Restoration Literature

Below are links for a compilation of current reclamation and/or restoration literature:

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If you would like to contribute to this growing list please email our Tech Liaison, Sean Di Stefano (sdistefano@uidaho.edu) who will be screening submissions and adding to the list.

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Current Members

Eddie Alford
Daryle Bennett
Philip Brownsey
Thomas Christie
Charlie Clements
Elsie Denton
Sean Di Stéfano
Mike Duniway
Mae Elsinger
Todd Erickson
Jeff Fehmi
Taylor Fletcher
Bill Fox
Garth Fuller
Elise Gornish
Jessie Griffen
Steven Hale
Stuart Hardegree
Daniel Harmon
John Hendrickson
Christina Herron-Sweet
Barry Irving
Jeremy James
Randi Johnson
Chas Jones
Jason Karl
Austin Kelly
Tracy Kupchenko
Jarrett Lardy
Elizabeth Leger
Ryan Limb
Randi Lupardus
Noe Marymor
Miranda Meehan
Seth Munson
Steve Munson
Steve Parr
Lauren Porensky
Jake Powell
Kae Powell
Randy Reichart
Matt Rinella
Alison Ritchie
Brenda Schladweiler
Kevin Sedivec
Nancy Shackelford
Julea Shaw
Darrin Sherritt
Sheri Spiegal
Dean Stacy
Danny Summers
Lauren Svejar
Frank Thrall
David Toledo
Edward Vasquez
Froseth Wade
Dustin Ward
Mandy Williams
Clay Wood