Thinking Beyond Flood Relief

Clayton Marlow, SRM 2nd Vice President and Jill Burkhardt, Intl. Mnt. Section Membership in an organization is usually based on two personal goals; a desire to rally to a cause or to engage in some level of self-improvement.  Professional organizations generally provide the opportunity to accomplish both goals.  The Society…

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Sustainability and Succession in SRM

Directors Karen Hickman and Jeff Goodwin Dear SRM Members, The end of summer and beginning of fall has brought many new challenges:  Hurricanes, earthquakes, and of course, the wildfires throughout the west.  Many of our fellow Rangeland Managers have been significantly affected by these events.  Our heart goes out to them for their…

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Pollinators on the Rangeland

By Jill Burkardt, IM Section There is a buzz on range and pasturelands. And we really need to pay attention to native pollinators and the benefits that they provide, says Dr. Cameron Carlyle. “(Pollinators) are critical to rangelands themselves, and the plants that are there,” said Carlyle, Assistant Professor in…

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