SRM Nominations Now Open.

The nominating committee is currently accepting nominations for Second Vice President and the Board of Directors (two positions) candidates to be interviewed in January 2022 and presented at the 2022 Society for Range Management Annual Meeting, Technical Training, and Trade Show in Albuquerque, NM. Nominations are sought from SRM members,…

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A Look at 2021 Engagement on Capitol Hill Thus Far.

The Society for Range Management maintains a visible presence on Capitol Hill wherever conversations regarding the stewardship of rangelands are taking place. Through the Society, rangelands have a voice on Capitol Hill. Our policy committee members ensure Congressional members and staff have access to the latest science and data regarding…

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Rangeland Review Released to Membership

From Capitol Hill to the Countryside, the SRM has been at the forefront of rangeland management for nearly 75 years. We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled support for rangeland science, management, and leadership, serving as the voice for the stewardship of Rangelands across the world. Driven by our membership, we…

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