2012 Rangeland Cup

The Rangeland Cup team problem solving competition is an activity to promote critical thinking and cooperative, collaborative work on current topics and/or topics of historical importance to rangeland ecology and management. As we progress in our careers, much of our work is performed as part of a group. This competition is intended to build skills in interpersonal communication and group-problem solving, both of which are highly desired qualities in the workplace.

Rangelands provide habitat for many native and non-native species. Some species fall under special classification as endangered or threatened, or another designation such as species of concern. Such designations often call for increased planning and management to ensure those species are meeting set goals for population parameters and habitat needs. Some of the management actions which are intended to ensure the conservation of these species may be in conflict with objectives of other land uses which occur on rangelands. A particularly challenging scenario may occur when two or more special-status species occur in the same area and management to favor one species may lead to unintended negative consequences for the other.

  1. Identify and describe two special-status species (endangered species, threatened species, candidate species, or species of concern) that co-occur in rangeland ecosystems. Describe how management actions that favor one species may lead to a decline in the other (and vice versa).
  2. Develop a plan that will benefit both species equally. Your plan should address the impacts on the local culture and economy, and other considerations on how your plan will affect the ecosystem in the management area. Describe your plan in detail and explain any pitfalls which may be encountered in the implementation of the plan.

*Use logic and literature to support your conclusions for your poster.

** 2012 Additional task: Produce a digital video describing your project above to be displayed on the internet and as part of the meeting in Spokane. Teams that produce a video will receive additional Rangeland Cup points.

To register your team send an email to rangelandcup@rangelands.org including your school/university, names of team members and mentor, contact information (email, phone, address) of at least one team member. Contest guidelines and regulations may be found at http://www.rangelands.org/RangelandCup/rc_guidelines.shtml or by emailing the address above. We look forward to the strong competition and creative ideas on this challenging topic. Good luck!

Registration DEADLINE for 2012 International SRM meeting in Spokane: October, 31, 2011

Visit the Rangeland Cup section on the SRM Website at: http://www.rangelands.org/RangelandCup/index.shtml

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