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Rangeland Invasive Species Committee
Minutes from the 2009 RISC Meeting
Society for Range Management
Rangeland Invasive Species Committee (RISC)
Minutes from the 2009 RISC, Sunday, February 8, 2009
Chair: Jeremy James
The committee was called to order by Jeremy James at 1:04 p.m. and adjourned at 3:05 p.m. on Sunday, February 8, 2009 at the Albuquerque Convention centers in Albuquerque, NM. Twenty one individuals attended all or part of the session. Items of business included the following:
  1. James provided some background on the committee, a brief review of the agenda and asked attendees to introduce themselves.
  2. Subcommittee leaders presented a summary of 2008 business including: development of symposia for the 2009 annual meeting (Jeremy James Summer Shulz), efforts to sponsor a special issues in Rangelands focused on invasive species (Ed Vasquez), progress on developing and improving a committee webpage (Jordge LaFantasie), and work coordinating with WSSA for the 2010 meeting in Denver (Chad Cummings, Rita Beard).
  3. Requests for additional input and participation on subcommittee activities were made. Jeremy James offered to assist Jordge LaFantasie in the webpage effort. Jordge also requested information and pictures about key invasive species in different ecosystems/regions. Jorge also requested feed back on the front page paragraph for our webpage. Ed Vasquez is looking for some assistance with the education and outreach efforts; he will be contacting the committee regarding his specific needs.
  4. Cummings and Beard described the general program outline for the 2010 joint meeting in Denver and requested additional help with these efforts. Summer Shulz, Aleta Nafus and Jordge LaFantasie offered to help with these efforts. This group remained after the meeting to discuss these items.
  5. Richard Orr, representing the BOD, outlined several items including the potential for using the websites and new tools associated with these pages to organize membership involvement. He also discussed program plans for the 2010 meeting, CPED proposals and sponsorship for Rangelands.
  6. Tom Monaco takes the position as committee chair. Chad Cummings was nominated as Chair elect. With this transition the group outlined several thoughts and strategies as to how to continue to increase the impact of RISC. Within this, the general idea was that RISC needs to strive to be recognized as the central authority of invasive species within the SRM society. While this point is fairly simple, the members suggested that the large number of invasive species research reported at annual meetings relative to meeting attendees suggest the potential pool of members has yet to be tapped. Some mechanisms to do this were proposed including development of a committee newsletter or posting a description in the SRM newsletter. Other ideas included a poster or booth at the 2010 meeting and too identify common grounds in which to bring new members in as well as recruitment efforts by current members. The opportunity to work with other societies and get involved with national level invasive species efforts external to SRM also was explored.
  1. Tom Monaco starts rotation as chair and Chad Cummings as chair elect (2 year rotation)
  2. Subcommittee for Denver 2010 added new members and conducted a planning session after the meeting
  3. Subcommittees on technology and education added new members and solicited additional input on wording for front page material on the web site.
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