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Rangeland Invasive Species Committee
Minutes from the 2005 RISC Meeting
Society for Range Management
Rangeland Invasive Species Committee (RISC)
Minutes from the 2005 RISC, Sunday, February 6, 2005
Chair: John H. Brock
The committee was called to order by Walter Fick at 3:05 p.m. and adjourned at 4:15 p.m. on Sunday, February 6, 2005 at the Plaza Hotel in Ft. Worth, TX. Items of business included the following:
  1. A proposed change in the Noxious and Invasive Weeds position statement was discussed. Michael Carpinelli had drafted a change removing the word noxious, renaming the position statement as Invasive Species, and adding some definitions from Executive Order 13112. It was suggested during discussion that the current position statement only addressed plants and that it should be broadened to include all invasive species. Proposal will be forwarded to Public Affairs and the Board of Directors.
  2. Dale Weisbrot, Agriculture, Food and Rural Revitalization, provided information regarding invasive species strategies in Canada. Similar issues and approaches are being used in Canada and the U.S.
  3. Deen Boe provided information regarding the Invasive Species Briefing to be held in Washington, DC on March 10, 2005. This came about through the American Fisheries Society inviting several other societies, including SRM, to participate. The executive committee of SRM will be in attendance. John Brock will be presenting one of the talks at the briefing.
  4. Walt Fick led discussion regarding concerns about a federal transportation Senate bill that addresses what plant species can be used for revegetation along highways. The concern is that the current definition of invasive species might limit the use of grasses and plants that aren't native, but are being used in restoration projects. No decision was made but Fick agreed to follow-up with Public Affairs.
  5. The 2005 Invasive Species Symposium, "Issues in Invasive Species Management and Ecosystem Restoration in Texas" begins on Tuesday.
  6. Roger Sheley and Larry Larson are working on an Invasive Species Symposium for the 2006 SRM meeting in Vancouver. They suggest developing a symposium around the mechanisms of weed invasion and how we can exploit these mechanisms to manage invasive weeds. It was suggested that the symposium could be broadened to include more than invasive weeds. The Wildlife Habitat Committee could be contacted for suggestions. Aquatic organisms could also be considered.
  7. Possible topics for a 2007 Invasive Species Symposium for Reno were discussed. Suggestions included saltcedar management including biocontrol, cheatgrass - fire interactions, sagebrush and juniper invasion.
  8. It was suggested that another interesting topic would be to address what has happened since the Executive Order on invasive species was passed. Has it made a difference? The Invasive Species Council was suggested as a possible source of data. This might be a potential topic to address in a future plenary session.
  9. Meeting announcements included:
    National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week,
    Washington, DC.
    February 28-March 4, 2005
    Ecology and Management of Invasive Plants (international),
    Katowice, Poland,
    September 5-12, 2005
    Ecology and Management of Invasive Plants (international),
    Perth, Australia,
    September 17-21, 2007
  10. Walter Fick will be the RISC chair for 2005-2006.
Walter H. Fick
February 7, 2005
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