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Rangeland Invasive Species Committee
Minutes from the 2004 RISC Meeting
Society for Range Management
Rangeland Invasive Species Committee (RISC)
Minutes from the 2004 RISC meeting, Monday, January 26, 2004
Chair: John H. Brock
The committee was called to order at 3:10 PM and closed about 5:15 PM on Monday January 26, 2004 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT. Items of business included the following:
  1. Martin Vavra discussed the Society's philosophy concerning committee structure and actions. Specifically requesting the committee to consider presenting a paper at the 2005 meeting in Fort Worth, TX on research needs in the invasive species subject matter area.
  2. The National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week meeting being held February 23- 27, 2004 in Washington DC was announced and discussed.
  3. A report by Larry Howery on invasive species instruction at Universities and Colleges in the western US and Canada was discussed.
  4. An educational paper on invasive species is being developed by Roger Sheley. The idea is for this paper to be published in Rangelands. John Brock volunteered to help Roger draft this paper.
  5. Monica Pokorny provided a report concerning the functions of the Center for Invasive Plant Management that is located at Montana State University. The center has programs in education, activities fostering restoration, invasive species prevention and a grants program.
  6. Discussions concerning weed free forage programs, weed free mulch programs turned into a weed free seeds discussion. This discussion also morphed into local ecotypes for seed for revegetation/restoration projects. In further discussion, the RISC also talked about rather native species that spread into sites not historically occupied by the species, i.e., juniper and some other native invasive plants should be within the scope of the RISC.
  7. A brief discussion was had on how to speed the process of biocontrol for invasive species. This turned to a discussion of methods available to evaluate invasive species as to their risk to the landscape and if they were in their initial phases of invasion or had already achieved their invasion range. It was noted that providing good data on the risk of the invasive species can help move it up on a priority list for action.
  8. The committee discussed the organization of invasive symposia/workshops for coming SRM meetings. The thrust would be that such a session would focus on invasive species of the region hosting the meeting. Expertise from the RISC would help organize the session, with local "users" being notified of the session and help transfer invasive ecology and management to groups not normally attending SRM meetings. These could include the areas department of transportation(s), energy companies, local weed boards or weed management areas, and federal/state agency personnel often unable to attend such meetings. Such sessions would allow SRM to transfer its knowledge and also provide a venue to recruit new members to the Society. In this vein, it was also discussed to explore a joint meeting of SRM and the Weed Science Society of America with a 5 year planning horizon if such a meeting is agreed to by the societies.
  9. A salt cedar meeting was recently announced by the USDA & UDSI. This meeting is to be held in Albuquerque, NM, March 31 to April 2, 2004. This meeting will deal with salt cedar management in the southwestern states.
  1. Research needs for rangeland invasive species for the research needs symposia was accepted as a challenge for the RISC. John Brock agreed to head this activity.
  2. An invasive species symposium for the program of SRM 2005 in Fort Worth was agreed to by RISC for submission to the program committee for that meeting. Robert Masters of DowAgrosciences and Michael Edwards of DuPont will take the lead on organizing this effort.
  3. Roger Sheley is to take the lead on the invasive species article for Rangelands with John Brock as the second author on the article.
  4. Larry Howery will synthesize the invasive species curriculum information to a brief summary.
  5. John Brock will find position statements or similar documents of the SRM to clarify RISC mission and scope.
  6. Rita Beard volunteered to explore a joint SRM, WSSA meeting for 2010.
  7. Larry Larson volunteered to begin the development of the RISC symposium at the Vancouver meeting in 2006.
  8. Michael Carpinelli and Rita Beard will develop a mission statement for the RISC, if needed, in light of the new committee structure and flexibility provided by the SRM Board of Directors.
  9. Walter Fick was selected as chair-elect for the RISC beginning his 2 year term at the Fort Worth meeting in 2005.
John H. Brock
January 27, 2004
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