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The Progressive Rancher articles submitted by SRM Nevada Section:

Grazing Management for Fine Fuels & Annual Grass Ranges, The Importance of
Seed Germination in Rangeland Research
, Dan N Harmon and Charlie D Clements, ARS-Reno.

USDA Internet Tool to Estimate Runnoff and Soil Loss on Rangelands: Rangelands Hydrology and Erosion Model, Mark A. Weltz, Rangegland Hydrologist, USDA-ARS, Reno, NV.

Grazing Management for Fine Fuels & Annual Grass Ranges, Ryan S. Shane, NV Divison of Forestry and Maggie Orr.

Is It Time for a Nevada Water Future Discussion and Strategy? Steve Bradhurst, Central Nevada Water Authority

Assessment of the Horse Creek Conservation Seeding, Charlie Clements, ARS-Reno

Guest Editorial: Wildfire Suppression Borrowing, Pete Anderson, NV Divison of Forestry

Precipitation Monitoring to Accurately Depict Drought Conditions on Your Allotment, Charlie Clements, ARS-Reno

An Integrated Approach to Salt Cedar Control and Rehabilitation, Charlie Clements, ARS-Reno


Rehabilitation of Cheatgrass-Infested Rangelands: Management, Charlie Clements, ARS-Reno

Look Closer: Time Sequence Photography of Roosters Comb in the Sheep Creek Range, Nevada, Robert R Blank, ARS-Reno

The History of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service in Nevada, Charlie Clements, ARS-Reno

Equal Access Justice Act & Endangered Species Act Redux, Karen-Budd-Falen

Nevada Section of Society for Range Management Hosts Summer Workshop on Rangeland Fire: Management Before, During and After, Part 1 and 2, Ryan Shane, NV Divison of Forestry

Meet the Nevada Department of Agriculture Communications and Promotions Team, Amanda Wartgow, UNR


Nutritional Properties of Widrowed and Standing Basin Wildrye, Stephen S. Foster, UNCE

Effects of Tree Removal in Great Basin Juniper Woodlands, Summer Olsen

National Resources Inventory – Grazing Land On-Site Study, Patti Novak-Echenique, NRCS

Rehabilitation of Cheatgrass-Infested Rangelands: Concepts, Charlie Clements, ARS-Reno

Rehabilitation of Cheatgrass-Infested Rangelands: Applications and Practices, Charlie Clements, ARS-Reno


The Case for Active Wyoming Big Sagebrush Management,

John Swanson, Sherm Swanson, Brad Schultz, Kent McAdoo, Gary McCuin

3 Part Series:

Part 1 - Toads, Humans, Sage Grouse and the ESA

Part 2 - Toads, Humans, Sage Grouse and the ESA

Part 3 - Toads, Humans, Sage Grouse and the ESA

 David Spicer Rancher and Miner from Beatty, Nevada


An Introduction to the Sagebrush Steppe Treatment Evaluation Project (SageSTEP): Fire Science Research to Inform Land Management Decisions, Summer Olsen, SageSTEP Outreach Coordinator, Utah State University

Training Cows to Graze Weeds Reduces Costs and Increases Profits, Kathy Voth, Livestock for Landscapes, LLC

A Case for the Value of Rangeland Monitoring, By Richard Orr, Certified Professional in Rangeland Management   May 2011

On Getting Things Done by Duane Coombs; Manager, Smith Creek Ranch, Austin, NV. Mar 2011


Revegetation for Weed Control (3) by Kent McAdoo  Dec 2010

Revegetation for Weed Control (2) by Kent McAdoo   Nov 2010

Revegetation for Weed Control (1) by Kent McAdoo   Sept 2010

Cows, insects, and plants: How do they fit in the sage-grouse puzzle?  Erica Freese

Consequences of Renewable Energy by Jake Tibbitts June 2010

 Destination Range Camp by Werbeckes and Piper March 2010

 Wild Animal Overprotection So Soon We Forget February 2010


 Calico Herd Decision Dec 2009

Wild Horse and Burro Management  - Rex's Bio - WHB Conference Summary Dec 2009

  The Mindset to Change  Ken Conley July 2009

 Fall back to cheatgrass grazing.  Lee Schmelzer June 2009

Musings of a Central Nevada Cowboy March 2009


Natural Resource Jobs in Nevada December 2008

Increasing Water Availability through Juniper Control  - Tim Deboodt November 2008

What is an Ecological Site Description? October 2008

A Visit to Main Station Field Laboratory August 2008

Management of Native Hay Meadows After Herbicide Treatment for Noxious Weeds Brad Schultz, Kent McAdoo, Ron Torell, Earl Creech June 2008

Keeping Water on the Land Longer Sherman Swanson April 2008

Target Grazing Need to Know Guide – The On Site Evaluation, The Contractor Leslie Savva Haug February 2008


Make Peace Not War, Ken Conley December 2007

Targeted Grazing Need to Know Guide – The On Site Evaluation (Part 1) The Client Leslie Savva Haug October 2007

Cheatgrass James Young and Charlie Clements August 2007

Nevada Rangeland Monitoring Handbook, Second Edition Sherman Swanson June 2007

What is SRM? Gary McCuin April 2007