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SRM Nevada Section Officers - Representatives - Committee Chairs

President Tim Rubald 775-684-2717 timrubald@dcnr.nv.gov
President-elect Charlie Clements 775-784-6057 charlie.clements@ars.usda.gov
Past president

Ryan Shane

775-934-5946 rsshane@gmail.com
Executive Vice President Gary McCuin 775-237-5326 mccuing@unce.unr.edu  

Ann Bollinger


Treasurer Erica Freese 541-231-5267 ericafreese66@gmail.com
Historian Chris Jasmine 775-340-2714 chrisMjasmine@gmail.com  
Newsletter Editor Maggie Orr 775-726-3742 sideoatsg@yahoo.com
Web Page Steve Foster 775-273-2923

http://www.rangelands.org/links_srm_sections.shtml  submissions to Steve Foster at fosters@unce.unr.edu indicate “for the website”  

Zone Council Representatives

1. Northeast                                       2. North-Central 

Duane Coombs                                      Meagan Carter
Elko Area                                               MeaganCarter@fs.fed.us

3. Northwestern                                 4. Reno 

Genie MontBlanc                                   Tyler Minor          
emb@cabnr.unr.edu                               Washoe County

5. West-Central                                  6. East-Central 

Rob Pearce                                                      Jake Tibbits

7. Southern 

Rick Orr

Committee Chairs

a.          Awards – Chris Jasmine chrisMjasmine@gmail.com   

b.      Bylaws & Handbook - Don Henderson don@rci-nv.com

c.       Endowment Fund - Rick Orr  bbwheatgrass@yahoo.com

d.      Historian - Chris Jasmine chrisMjasmine@gmail.com

e.      Membership - Trina Johnson Trina.Johnson@nv.usda.gov

f.       Nominations - Mark Freese markfreese@ndow.org

g.       Producer Affairs -Gary McCuin gmccuin@barrick.com

h.      Public Affairs - Sherm Swanson sswanson@cabnr.unr.edu

i.       Research affairs - Charlie Clements Charlie.Clements@ars.usda.gov

j.       Scholarships - Tamzen Stringham tstringham@cabnr.unr.edu & Sherm            Swanson sswanson@cabnr.unr.edu

k.       Student Affairs – Tye Morgan Tye.Morgan@ars.usda.gov

l.        Youth Activities - Dan Harmon Daniel.Harmon@ars.usda.gov

m.     Mentoring – VACANT

n.      Newsletter - Maggie Orr sideoatsg@yahoo.com

o.      Progressive Rancher – Tye Morgan Tye.Morgan@ars.usda.gov

p.      Range Club – unrrangeclub@gmail.com

q.      Range Camp Coordinator – Kathryn Dyer kdyer@blm.gov

r.       Social Media - Bettina Scherer bsherer@dcnr.nv.gov

Membership Roster for Nevada SRM