69th SRM Annual Meeting & Trade Show

Rangelands and Wildlife

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Jan. 31 - Feb. 4, 2016
Corpus Christi, TX


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2014 Committees (updates in progress)
Interested in Joining a Committee?
It's simple! Browse the list of committees. If you need more information about the committee, click the linked committee title. Ready to help? Send the Committee Chairman an email asking how you can help.
2013 SRM Organizational Chart
Advisory Council
Chair: Jeff Goodwn, jeff.goodwin@yahoo.com
2014 Chair-Elect, Lisa VanAmburg,lvanamburg@fs.fed.us
Administration Division:
Board Representative - Paul V. Loeffler - pvl913@yahoo.com
Program Accreditation Committee - *BOD Rep. Roy Roath, Roy.Roath@colostate.edu
Chair: Mort Kothmann, m-kothmann@tamu.edu
Awards Committee
Chair: Bruce Healy, bruce.healy@yahoo.com
Election Committee
Chair: Dr. John Mitchell
Finance Committee
Chair: William H. (Bill) Conner bconner@frostbank.com from Texas
Chair-elect: Jeff Mosely jmosley@montana.edu
  • Budget Subcommittee Chair: Patrick Shaver, plshaver@gmail.com
Nominations Committee
Chair: Bill Fox, w-fox@tamu.edu
Endowment Fund Committee
Chair: Tom Bartlett (et101@zianet.com)
Science & Ecology Division:
Board Representative - Joe Hicks - meeteetsejoe@gmail.com
Rangeland Assessment & Monitoring
Chair: Quinton Barr ()
Chair-Elect: Terry Booth ()
Rangeland Invasive Species
Chair: Brian Mealor, bamealor@uwyo.edu
Chair: Keith Harmoney, kharmone@ksu.edu
Remote Sensing & GIS
Chair: Norm Harris ()
Chair-Elect: Steve Petersen ()
Targeted Grazing
Chair: Karen Launchbaugh, klaunchb@uidaho.edu
Chair-Elect: John Hendrickson, john.hendrickson@ars.usda.gov
Chair: Sarah Quistberg, sequist@gmail.com
Chair-Elect: Linda Spencer, lspencer@fs.fed.us
Wildlife Habitat
Chair:Mark Freese, markfreese@ndow.org
Chair-Elect: Dustin Johnson: dustin.johnson@oregonstate.edu
Member Services Division:
Board Representative - Jim Dobrowolski, jdobrowolski@nifa.usda.gov)
2014 Annual Meeting Co-Chairs
General Co-Chair/Tours: Angie Reid (areid@ttrs.org)
General Co-Chair/Finance, Johanna Pate (johanna.pate@la.usda.gov)
General Co-Chair: Brandee Williams (brandee.williams@fl.usda.gov)

History, Archives & Library
Chair: David L. Wheeler ()
Rangelands Steering Committee
Chair: Joel Brown ()
  • Rangelands Editorial Board Chair: Jerry R. Barker ()
  • Editor-in-Chief: Lori Hidinger ()
Sponsorships Committee
Chair: Roy Roath (roy.roath@colostate.edu)
Trade Show Committee
Chair: Kim Haile ()
Professional Education Division:
Board Representative - Clayton Marlow, cmarlow@montana.edu
Certified Professionals in Range Management (CPRM) Committee
Chair: Dr. Robert Knight ()
Certified Range Management Consultants (CRMC) Committee
Chair: Dennis Phillipi ()
Student Activities
Chair: Shelly Taylor - shelly.taylor@ne.usda.gov
Young Professionals Conclave
President: Jamin Johanson (jamin.johanson@ut.usda.gov)
Communications Division:
Board Representative - Leonard Jolley, ljolley09@gmail.com
Coordinated Resource Management Committee
Chair: Robert E. Wilson ()
Outreach, Communication and Website Committee
Co-Chair: Barbara Hutchinson (barbarah@cals.arizona.edu)
Co-Chair: Merrita J. Fraker-Marble ()
Co-Chair: Lovina Roselle (lovina@uidaho.edu)
International Affairs
Chair: D. Layne Coppock – (Layne.Coppock@usu.edu)

Membership Committee
Chair: Sandy Wyman, swyman@blm.gov
Policy Division:
Board Representative - Roy Roath, Roy.Roath@colostate.edu
National Grazing Lands Coalition
Chair:  Johanna Pate, johanna.pate@la.usda.gov
Chair-Elect:  Chad Ellis, crellis@noble.org
Policy and Public Affairs
Chair: Carol Blocksome, blocksom@ksu.edu