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70th SRM Annual Meeting & Trade Show

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Red Rock and Rangelands

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St. George, UT
January 29 - February 2, 2017

Student Recruitment
Rangeland Careers
Awards Committee


The Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award is presented by the Society for Range Management to members for long-term contributions to the art and science of range management and to the Society for Range Management.

Selection Criteria

  1. Tangible evidence of sustained, outstanding long-term contributions to the art and science of rangeland management.
  2. Significant evidence of continued SRM involvement and contributions at both the Section and Society levels. Evidence may include, but is not limited to, SRM committee work, fund raising, continued professional involvement through research, publications, workshops and resource improvement. Note that evidence does not include attendance at Section and Society meetings, tours, and other activities.
    1. Nominations may be made for members mid-late into their careers or emeritus members after they retire. However, this award is not limited to emeritus members.
  3. Noteworthy accomplishments related to the profession or knowledge base, which may have taken place prior to the most recent ten year period.
  4. Noteworthy accomplishments which have not previously been recognized through other SRM awards.
  5. Nominations should be submitted through the Awards Committee.

Award Presentation

  1. Normally one, but not more than three awards per year, may be presented at the SRM annual meeting. The award does not have to be presented each year.
  2. Each recipient will receive an embossed certificate and a citation.

NOTE: Due to the close nature of the eligibility criteria for the Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award and the Frederic G Renner and WR Chapline Awards, a nominee for any of the Renner or Chapline Awards may also be considered by the awards committee for a Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award - no new application packet is required.

If the Awards Committee considers the switch to be acceptable, the committee chair shall contact the lead nominator listed on the nomination packet for concurrence in the change. If also acceptable to the nominator, a Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to the nominee. It is a discretionary call of the committee and the nominator.

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